Deb Russell

Math Expert


  • Math educator with experience teaching at the elementary, middle, and high school levels
  • Textbook contributor
  • Presented workshops for parents and teachers
  • Collaborated with the Canadian government on mathematics resources


Deb Russell is a former writer for ThoughtCo who contributed articles on mathematics. Deb is an experienced educator with more than 25 years of background as a classroom teacher and in school administration as a principal. She taught students from all school levels from elementary to high school throughout her career. 

During workshops, Deb presented teaching and homework tips to parents and other instructors. She encourages parents and other professionals to mentor students to enhance their math achievement levels. Deb also acted in the role of an instructor teaching education qualification courses to teachers in the Ontario, Canada area. Russell has presented math professional development workshops to hundreds of teachers throughout her school board and educational jurisdiction.

Deb served as a temporary resource, or secondment, to the Canadian government ministry to help build and support the implementation of key mathematics resources and materials. She also collaborated on math textbook with publishers by reviewing and providing feedback on the core subject.



Russell holds a B.A. and B.Ed. in addition to principal's qualifications. She has been trained in numerous Canadian government ministry initiatives to support numeracy.

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