How to Conjugate "Débarquer" (to Unload, Land, Fire)

You'll "Land" These French Verb Conjugations in No Time

Think of the word "debark" to remember that débarquer is the French verb for "to unload," "to land," or "to fire." This English to French relationship is only natural since "debark" is a derivative of débarquer that was first borrowed in the 17th century.

Conjugating the French Verb Débarquer

When you want to say "landed" or "unloading," you will need to conjugate the French verbDébarquer is a regular -ER verb and that means it's relatively simple because it follows a very common conjugation pattern.

To transform débarquer to the present, future, or imperfect past tense, find the subject pronoun for that tense. You'll find the verb has a new and unique ending. For instance, "I unload" is "je débarque" and "we will land" is "nous débarquerons."

Subject Present Future Imperfect
je débarque débarquerai débarquais
tu débarques débarqueras débarquais
il débarque débarquera débarquait
nous débarquons débarquerons débarquions
vous débarquez débarquerez débarquiez
ils débarquent débarqueront débarquaient

The Present Participle of Débarquer

The present participle of débarquer is débarquant. This is a verb, of course, yet it can also become an adjective, gerund, or noun in some circumstances.

Another Past Tense Form

The passé composé is a common form of the past tense in French. It requires the past participle débarqué and you need to conjugate the auxiliary verb avoir. For example, "I landed" is "j'ai débarqué" and "we unloaded" is "nous avons débarque."

More Simple Débarquer Conjugations

There may be times when you will need or read the following conjugations of débarquer. While the subjunctive and conditional are common and imply uncertainty to the action, the other two are rare. You will primarily find the passé simple and imperfect subjunctive in formal writing.

Subject Subjunctive Conditional Passé Simple Imperfect Subjunctive
je débarque débarquerais débarquai débarquasse
tu débarques débarquerais débarquas débarquasses
il débarque débarquerait débarqua débarquât
nous débarquions débarquerions débarquâmes débarquassions
vous débarquiez débarqueriez débarquâtes débarquassiez
ils débarquent débarqueraient débarquèrent débarquassent

The imperative verb form is quite simple. It's used in short sentences and here you can skip the subject pronoun. Instead of "tu débarque," use "débarque" alone.

(tu) débarque
(nous) débarquons
(vous) débarquez
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