Debbie Hadley

Debbie Hadley is a freelance writer and science educator with 25 years of experience. She's a certified teacher, and has educated children about the environment as a marine science field instructor, a park naturalist, and as director of an urban gardening program.


Debbie has volunteered on 13 Earthwatch expeditions around the planet. She's surveyed reptiles and amphibians in Brazil, monitored giant clam populations on Tonga's coral reefs, tagged sharks in Belize, and collected caterpillars in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Debbie is a certified Master Gardener and a certified SCUBA diver. Whether she's under the sea or in the garden, she's observing nature and sharing her experiences with others. Debbie is also a certified Outdoor Educator through the National Outdoor Leadership School, having completed a rigorous 23 day course in the backcountry of Wyoming in 1994.


Debbie holds a B.A. in political science from Rutgers University and a NJ teacher certification. She's completed additional coursework, including entomology fieldwork through Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Debbie Hadley

I'm excited to share my passion for insects with you. As an avid gardener and naturalist, I've learned the important role insects play in an ecosystem. The interaction between insects and plants fascinates me. Through this website, my goal is to provide information about insects and how each insect species fits into the web of life.

When I'm not feeding caterpillars or searching for springtails in my compost bin, I'm usually leading a hike or visiting a classroom to teach children about insects and other wildlife through my business, WILD Jersey.

Please note: I do not identify insects via email. If you need a mystery "bug" identified, please read this article on how and where you can submit insect and spider ID requests.


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