Aryl Group Definition in Chemistry

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An aryl group is a functional group derived from a simple aromatic ring compound where one hydrogen atom is removed from the ring. Usually, the aromatic ring is a hydrocarbon. The hydrocarbon name takes the -yl suffix, such as indolyl, thienyl, phenyl, etc. An aryl group is often simply called an "aryl". In chemical structures, the presence of an aryl is indicated using the shorthand notation "Ar". This is also the same as the symbol for the element argon but doesn't cause confusion because it's used in the context of organic chemistry and because argon is a noble gas, and thus inert.

The process of attaching an aryl group to a substituent is called arylation.

Examples: The phenyl functional group (C6H5) is an aryl functional group derived from benzene. The napththyl group (C10H7) is the aryl group derived from naphthalene.

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