Congener Definition and Examples

What Is a Congener?

The noble metals may be considered congeners.
The noble metals may be considered congeners. Tomihahndorf, Creative Commons License

In chemistry, the term "congener" can mean different things, depending on the context.

Congener Definition #1

A congener is a member of group of elements in the same periodic table group.
Example: Potassium and sodium are congeners of each other. Copper, gold, and silver are congeners.

Congener Definition #2

A congener can also refer to a class of compounds with similar structures and similar chemical properties.

Example: The class of chemicals called polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) have over 200 congeners.

Congener Definition #3

Congeners may refer to the oxidation states of a single element. For example, titanium dichloride (titanium 2+), titanium chloride (1+) and titanium tetrachloride (4+) are congeners.


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