Hyphy Defined:

Hyphy, the newest musical import from the west coast, is an uptempo high energy hip-hop subgenre. Hyphy is characterized by gritty, thumping snares, and rugged production.

The Origin of Hyphy:

West coast rapper, Keak da Sneak, is often credited with the initiation of the word "hyphy." Keak first used the word on his song "Cool," which appeared on his 1998 LP, Sneakacydal. However, the hip-hop world didn't start "getting hyphy" or "getting dumb" as they say, until the late 2000's.

Hyphy vs. Crunk:

Many critics argue that hyphy is a fad, mainly because it's an obvious offshoot of crunk. Regardless, the bay area has enjoyed a measurable amount of success with their brainchild. E-40's hyphy-draped album, My Ghetto Report Card reached the #3 position on the Billboard 200, making it his best outing ever. Keak da Sneak has also gained some momentum with his single "Super Hyphy," which has appeared on BET and other media outlets several times.

Elements of Hyphy:

The hyphy culture incorporates energetic soundtracks, spirited lyrics, and the bay area slang. Speaking of "hyphy" slangs, there's enough to fill up an entire dictionary. Some of the popular ones include "get dumb" (to dance wildly), and "flamboasting" (showing off). Let's not get started on "thizz" and "thizz face," the hyphy words for popping pills.

Notable Hyphy Artists:

  • Keak da Sneak
  • E-40
  • Mac Dre (R.I.P.)
  • Mista F.A.B.
  • The Team
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