Multiple Bond Definition in Chemistry

This is the chemical structure of ethene, also known as ethylene.
This is the chemical structure of ethene. The double bond between the two carbon atoms is a multiple bond. Todd Helmenstine

In chemistry, a multiple bond is a chemical bond where two or more electron pairs are shared between two atoms. Double and triple bonds are multiple bonds.

In a double bond, four bonding electrons participate in the bond rather than two electrons in a single bond. Double bonds are found in azo compounds (N=N), sulfoxides (S=O), and imines (C=N). The equal sign is typically used to denote a double bond.

A triple bond involves six bonding electrons. The triple bond is drawn using three parallel lines (≡). The most common triple bond occurs in alkynes. Molecular nitrogen (N2) is an excellent example of a compound with a triple bond (N≡N).Triple bonds are stronger than double or single bonds.


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