Definition of the Term Off Highway Vehicle (OHV)

Custom Side by Side ATV
Custom Side by Side OHV. Matt Finley


An Off Highway Vehicle, also known as an OHV, is a type of vehicle that was designed specifically for use off road.

OHVs come in all shapes and sizes with anywhere from 2 to 8 wheels, or even tracks. Motorcycles, jeeps, quads, trucks are all OHVs.

OHVs typically have to be registered if they are going to be used on public lands, such as that managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Many OHV areas require the users to pay fees to use the area, others are offered "for free", meaning the money comes from taxes for fuel and other items that may (or may not) relate to offroading.

Also Known As: 4x4, jeep, truck, 4wheeler, atv, motorcycle, dirtbike, quad, sand car, dune buggy, sand rail