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Spiritual Enlightenment
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Listed here are highlights from a discussion thread in our forums regarding the question "What does it really mean to be spiritually enlightened?"

To me, enlightenment means (at least right now) expanding your consciousness to infinite proportions, with the goal of understanding/becoming one with God/dess/Divine etc. etc.
- Smonikee

Enlightenment to me is that point in my life when I understood that everything is connected.
Once that understanding came then my way of being changed for I understood that there is more reason to all the creator created than it was simply there. Through seeing that each being that the creator made has reason for being, I can learn what the creator is and what my place within creation is.
- whorse

For me this is a path, one that will go on for ever and ever. Each step on that path brings me closer to understanding the things I can't 'touch', or 'see', or 'understand' with my brain, and yet they are all there. I think if I'd ever come to the end of that path I'd be God, so all I can do is keep on walking and staying on that path, learning with each step, including falling off the road now and then and stumbling through the bushes till I find my way back to the road.
- inni

My perception would be liberation from suffering (according to vedic shamanistic tradition suffering is the spawn of ignorance.) Mukti is a Sanskrit word used for enlightenment.
One meaning of mukti is liberation. The ancient pattern of enlightenment in many traditions is first realizing ones condition as the journey begins from where you are not where you want to be. There is generally the realization that at the core of your being is suffering. Thus begins the nightmarish task of confronting oneself.

- Fire888

I would describe enlightenment as clarity in reference to your life and the meaning of it. When there is no cloudiness about your purpose, your goals, morals, everything seems clear and your feeling about life is a secure feeling.
- Nancy

(Enlightenment is a) state in which one is aware of one's own true nature. This should not be confused with a state of complete awareness, which is commonly termed "nirvana"
- Bobin

...make a very tight fist with one of your hands and hold it for a few seconds and then slowly open your fist until it feels soft. Wanting and needing to be in control feels of your life feels like the tight fist, being free of judgments and free of control issues, is like the open fist - or enlightened.
- Runswithwolves

This is something I consider Enlightenment to be - and that is to give intellectual or spiritual understanding and to be free of ignorance, false beliefs or prejudice. Able to honor each person as they walk their own path and not infringe our own personal beliefs onto them but to accept what ever form that carries truth for them.
- Jean Seymour

(Enlightenment) means a person finally has an understanding of something they had not or could not have understood before new facts were revealed to them and now understands because of a new exposure to new & real facts.
- the rose witch

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