Learn a French Word a Day: Dégueulasse

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Dégueulasse (familiar adj): lousy, rotten, filthy, disgusting

Pronunciation: [day goo lahs]


Ce film est dégueulasse ! / This movie is disgusting!

C'est dégueulasse de voler aux enfants. / It's rotten/disgusting to steal from kids.

Apocope: dégueu

Related Phrases and Usage

un/e dégueulasse (fam) / dirty pig, disgusting person

dégueulasser (fam) / to muck/up

Several people have suggested that this word should be avoided, but it is important to teach French as it is actually spoken—not just how some think it should be spoken. The notation "familiar adj," above, indicates this word's register; if you don't know what that means, please see the lesson on register.

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