Installing the Free Delphi: Turbo Delphi Explorer for Win32 development

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Locating the Free version of Delphi: Turbo Delphi Explorer

Turbo Delphi Tutorial for Novices and Beginners

Welcome to the first part of the free online Delphi programming tutorial: Programming in Delphi For Novices and Non-Programmers!

This series of tutorials is oriented to those who want to take their chance in the world of software development, it is designed to teach the complete beginner (read: "non-programmer") how to become a programmer using Delphi.

Delphi is an object-oriented, visual programming environment to develop 32-bit and Microsoft .NET applications for deployment on Windows operating systems. The "What is Delphi?" article goes into more depth in explaining exactly what is Delphi.

Note: do not runaway if you do not understand what "object-oriented" or "visual programming environment" means, as all those techy wording will be clearly explained!

Whoah, a free development environment! Where do I sign up for download?

Turbo Delphi Explorer

from Borland (CodeGear) is available for FREE to any wannabe developer wanting to create programs for Windows.

Turbo Delphi Explorer is a fixed all-in-one solution with 200+ pre-built drag and drop components providing everything you need to start real Windows and .NET development today! Whether you're a hobbyist developer, student or new to programming the Turbo Explorer editions give you a choice of language and platform, allowing you to discover the development environment you are most comfortable with at no cost. (source:

Another Turbo Delphi: Turbo Delphi Professional offers more features and comes with the price of US $399. Professional version is extensible and customizable and also designed to accept any of thousands of compatible third-party tools, components and plug-ins.

To download your free Turbo Delphi wisit the web site.

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Flavors of Turbo Delphi. Determining What Needs to be Installed.

Turbo Delphi comes in two editions: Turbo Delphi for Win-32 development and Turbo Delphi for Microsoft .NET.

Turbo Delphi is a part of a much bigger picture: the Borland Developer Studio 2006. BDS 2006 is an integrated development environment (IDE) for building Delphi, Delphi for .NET, C#, and C++ applications.

Beside Turbo Delphi (for Win32 or for .Net), turbo line of Borland products also includes Turbo C# and Turbo C++.

Since only one Turbo Explorer edition can be installed per machine, you have to be sure to download and install the "correct" version.

This series of tutorials is aimed at the Turbo Delphi Explorer for Win32 development version of Turbo Delphi.

Downloading Turbo Delphi Explorer for Win32


TurboExplorer Downloads

web site provides download facility for all the files you will need to correctly install and run Turbo Delphi.

Here's what you'll need to install:

  • Prerequisites - run-time files required by Turbo Explorer. This includes the Microsoft.NET 1.1 runtime and SDK, the J# run-time, InternetExplorer 6.01, and MSXML. Download size: ~ 230 MB
  • Turbo Delphi Explorer. Download size: ~ 325 MB
  • Installation Key. Comes in an email

Start by going to the official Turbo Explorer download site

Note: the process (download, install, activate, patch) migh take an hour or so ... make sure you have a glass of your favorite drink beside you.

Move to the next step: Turbo Delphi Download and Activation File

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Turbo Delphi Download and Activation File

Downloading Turbo Delphi
Downloading Turbo Delphi.

Prior to downloading your free version of Turbo Delphi, you need to create a user account for the Borland Developer Network web site. The process is simple and will require you to enter your email address. Make sure you use a valid email address as you will receive the activation file you will need to use to register your copy of Turbo Delphi.

Turbo Delphi Download

Turbo Delphi is a two-part download. First you need to download and install prerequisites (~230 MB) then you can download and run the main Turbo Delphi installation (~325 MB).

Note: make sure you select "Turbo Delphi Explorer".

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Installing Turbo Delphi Explorer for Win32

Installing Turbo Delphi Explorer
Installing Turbo Delphi Explorer.

When you download all the required files, you are ready to install Turbo Delphi Explorer on your machine.

Note: only one Turbo Explorer edition can be installed per machine, so be sure not to have BDS 2006 or any other Turbo edition already installed.

Turbo Delphi Setup

Start by installing prerequisites, then move ono installing Turbo Delphi.

Turbo Delphi comes with the Borland InterBase 7.5 database that you can install at a later time.

Start the install process by picking "Install Borland Turbo Delphi". You can leave all the default options "on" when install asks you for directories and what to install. By default, Turbo Delphi will be installed in the "\Program Files\Borland\BDS\4.0" folder.


Turbo Delphi needs to be activated or registered before first usage. When you initiated the download process, you were asked for an email where the activation file will be sent. An email from "Borland Product Registration" has a file named "reg636.txt" attached. Read the email content do find out where you need to save the attached activation file.

Note: For Windows XP users, activation key goes to "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>".


Do not forget to run the "HotFix roll-up" you also downloaded.

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Running Turbo Delphi Explorer for the First Time

Turbo Delphi Splash Screen
Turbo Delphi Splash Screen.

Once you are done installing Turbo Delphi, you will have a new folder in the Windows Start - Programs menu: "Borland Developer Studio 2006".

To start Delphi select the "Turbo Delphi" option.

And that's it! You've successfully installed your own free version of Turbo Delphi.

Next time we'll take a look at various parts of the Turbo Delphi Intergrated Development Environment (IDE)...