Demon Encounters - True Stories

True stories from readers who have encountered entities they believe are demonic.
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Aliens and Demon Terror

"They were grayish, with large heads, about four feet tall with long, slender bodies and hands. But the fifth creature was the one that stood out the most...."
"It wanted me to know it was there by bumping the bed, waking me up from my sleep, and crawling on the bed...." More »
"I had chills and the hair on my arms and head felt charged with electricity. As I prayed for things to stop, I heard a short bark of laughter...." More »
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Battle with a Demon

"I began to ask the Goddess to cleanse this demon that had latched onto my mother. As I had never had done anything like this before, I was a bit nervous...."
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The Begger

"I immediately turned around, as most people naturally would upon hearing their name, and was met with this homeless man's strange, penetrating stare...."
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Black Thing Brings Night Terrors

"I remember hovering between the state of being awake and being asleep and looking toward my window where I noticed this humanoid shape started forming, blacker than the blackest night. The black thing had large white eyes and blood red lips...."
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Chomedey Devil

"And what did those tracks look like? A GOAT's HOOVES - hundreds of them across the tiny street!..."
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Closet Monster

"I noticed something standing in the doorway -- it had to be at least six feet tall, a monster...."
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Creepy Hardware Guy

"I started feeling this cold shiver run down my back. All the way from my hairline to my calves. It was just like standing with my back to an open freezer. I thought What the heck? and turned around. There I was standing face-to-face with the hardware man!..."
"He had on an over-sized raincoat and bogey-style hat. He had one leg up against fence, like posing in this position. His face was down and somewhat covered by the hat; we could not make out any facial features...." More »
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Cruise Ship Evil Spirit

"My wife was sleeping deep and was not aware of my tossing and turning and restlessness. I finally got some sleep when I awoke and saw a skeletal arm embracing me tightly...."
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Cryptids, UFOs, and Demons

"I personally had a demonic encounter, replete with the three scratch marks, transpire in our apartment...."
"The man said his act was so frightening the owner accused him of being the devil...." More »
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Deadly Dog Driver

"It was a black dog driving! He knew it was not anyone wearing a costume as it looked like any ordinary dog...."
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Demon By Grandma's Terrace

"I quickly took a picture of it with my phone. The first picture was blurred. Then I took another picture, and I was scared to death when I saw it...."
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Dad's Little Red Devil

"Suddenly, he heard something running back beyond that turn,and knew that whatever it was, it was heading for the entry hole...."
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The Dancing Demon

"It would poke its head to the left side of the microwave, hide, then poke its head out to the right, smiling each time. Like a jack-in-the-box...."
"It was a figure, but had no physical details. It was a totally black figure that had a pillow case for its head, a giant club in its hands, a barbarian's body and a rat's tail...." More »
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Demon at Grandparents' House

"I looked up and saw what I at first thought to be my grandpa sitting in the chair. Boy, was I wrong!..."
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The Demon Babyface

"I opened my eyes and saw a guy scuffling around on my floor on all fours! To this day I get chills from the image. It was unnatural, like he had no bones...."
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Demonic Bedmates

"I turned the lights off and snuggled back down in the bed and that is when I immediately felt something thrashing against my leg in the bed!..."
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Demonic Prank

"When we were sitting in my room talking about The Basement, my Ouija board, which was sitting on top of some clothes on my desk, moved (you can call it gravity if you want) every time we said the name of the church...."
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Demonic Sigh

"After being awake for what felt like a good long few hours, I suddenly heard really heavy, demonic-sounding breathing at the door...."
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Demon in Grandma Clothing

"Suddenly, she turned her head slowly toward me and gave me the coldest look ever! She had the most evil eyes I had ever seen!..."
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Demon in the Cell

"It was repeating words I didn't understand. It was chanting, 'Koos kahs course koos kahs course koos kahs course...' and then my whole body froze and I couldn't breathe...."
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Demon in the Mine

"We turned off our lights, and about 10 seconds later there appeared right in front of us two glowing red eyes, sort of oval and downturned...."
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Demon in the Mirror

"That face was almost demonic, with a huge grin on its face. I left quickly and stayed with a friend for the night...."
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The Demon's Grip

"All of a sudden, I saw a demon (or at least what I think is one) at the end of the couch with an evil grin and dark (pitch black eyes) staring at me...."
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Demon Shadow Screamer at the Retreat

"As I reached the shrine, I gazed at it for a while until I turned my head left and saw this very large shadow...."
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The Demon's Revenge

"When they settled in the house, they started experiencing unexplainable things, like sleep paralysis, lights going on and off on their own, weird noises, etc....."
"I was standing there right before the door, staring up at the ceiling, and in the space between the ceiling and the top of the door was a face. It was talking to me, telling me something, and it was clear as ever...." More »
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Devil Baby

"As I opened the door, I saw my ex standing there all out of breath and pale. He had some scrapes on his face and hands...."
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Devil in the Asylum

"At approximately 2 a.m. I was awakened by a horrifying demonic presence at the foot of my bed, but it wasn't visible...."
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Devil in the Ditch

"I, being a curious kid with nothing better to do, went over to peer into the trench and that is when I saw this devil-like man looking up at me laughing...."
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The Devil Responds

"I had been there maybe 30 seconds when I heard what sounded like some tiny footsteps coming across the wood floor in the adjoining room...."
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The Devil's Own

"When I got over to him, I heard him talking in another language. Also, his right hand was moving a little over his chest back and forth and he had a strange smile on his face...."
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Djinn Stalker

"It was a moonlit night and on top of the cliff I saw a black, smoky shadow about six foot tall. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I watched this shadowy black creature...."
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Don't Dare the Devil

"The conversation went on and my older brother was getting agitated at how stupid he thought we were being, so he said, 'If Satan is real, he can have my soul if he blows out this candle.'..."
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Drawing Demons

"A few nights later, he woke up to find himself flying from his bed and crashing into his closet doors...."
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Echo and the Demon

"It was always at this point he would talk about Echo. Echo was a big man with wings. Echo stopped this thing from bothering him...."
"I was shocked and a bit confused as to what was happening. I had read multiple accounts on this subject where the 'victim' is unable to move...." More »
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Evil Marriage Wrecker

"I believe there exists in this space a negative energy that would be happy to have discourse in our marriage. I don't think it is evil, although one message seemed to be from a malevolent energy which mentioned a demon...."
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An Evil Presence

"I asked him what was wrong and he said, he felt a strange and evil spirit in the room...."
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Exorcism Witness

"When their eerie chanting began to rise, that's when I began to hear something unfamiliar and chilling: Odd screams, wails and cries seemed to swirl all about us, but in particular, me!..."
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Faceless Man of Shrewsbury

"His face seemed somewhat obscured by shadows, but this guy was a tall (I mean about 7 feet, not hard to miss), slender man in a black suit...."
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Fight with the Devil

"Later, my father said he was going into his bedroom to say his rosary, and told us all to keep quiet. We did, but 10 minutes into my father saying his rosary, he let out a piercing scream for help...."
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Freaky Encounter on the Road to Portland

"His face is what frightened us the most. He was smiling at us, but his mouth -- his smile -- was not at all normal. It was huge. Distorted. It looked like something out of a bad horror film...."
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Freaky Photo Phenomenon

"As soon as the photo was visible, my flatmate and his younger brother looked at it, and the latter suddenly had to go to the bathroom to vomit...."
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Good and Evil Entities

"I came into contact with even far more powerful and dark entities. It felt like they were the incarnation of everything that is evil. They were a bottomless pit of black darkness...."
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Green Demon Night Terror Evidence

"t looked like Kobra Khan from He-Man except I did not see any big teeth, more like tiny, bitty teeth and not really scaly, but there definitely was a clawed hand coming at me...."
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The Hairy Hands

"My son had his legs and arms wrapped around by husband, just screaming, terrified, and yelling that the hairy hand wanted to get him, and pointing to the bed...."
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Happy Birthday -- NOT!

"As the tune progressed, I became aware that the music was being warped and slowed down such that the melody took on an evil and malevolent character...."
"But as I turned I caught sight of something that gives me the chills when I think about it...." More »
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Hellhole Creature

"As I watched the house, all of the lights suddenly came on and flickered repeatedly; as I stared in awe, a dark figure (spikes on its large back and about eight feet tall) passed the window...."
"The man told them that he was looking for someone that they call 'El Diablo' or 'The Devil'...." More »
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Hunting in the Otherworld

"I walked through some soggy ground that I was sinking into, and for some reason the thought came to my mind that this ground was evil...."
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Incubus Attack

"For the first time, this unknown being spoke. He said, 'Now you know I'm real, but you've allowed this for so many years.'...."
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Invisible Grip

"After a few more minutes, I heard something terrifying -- a deep moan/exhale, in a male voice, right behind me! I turned around so quick, but the sound didn't stop...."
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The Jinns and the Jewelry

"It was there that the man -- I will call him Uncle X -- told us that his wife was possessed by four or five jinns (or demons, as you might call them)...."
"She told me the reason why she stayed outside was because there were two skeletons inside. One skeleton was good and talked to her, but the other skeleton was bad and would make scary faces at her...." More »
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The Laughing Jinn

" I thought to myself that something was wrong. All of a sudden, the sound of laughter came from nowhere. I realised my patient was laughing during hypnosis. Impossible!..."
"It was about the size of a man and all black except for its face. Now this is very hard for me to describe but it's face seemed to resemble the shape of a pineapple...." More »
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Levitating Friend

"I looked over at Kelly and her sleeping bag was hanging down underneath her. It was like she was floating. I started screaming for my mom, and when she came to the door and turned on the light, it was like a black cloud came out of Kelly...."
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Mum's Demons

'My Mum (who was sleeping on the couch) suddenly jumped up, pointed at my dad and yelled, 'Satan worshiper! Get out of my house! What do you want from me?!'...."
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Necronomicon Madness

"Then the book just disappeared one day. I had it stashed in my closet way back on the shelf. After it was gone, I started getting really weird vibes from the closet...."
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Night Terrors

"On many occasions I have seen things in my room: what looked like a witch, a dark figure leaning over my bed, etc. I get the feeling of complete panic and terror and try to scream, but in reality I am not screaming...."
"I got to bed and fell asleep. About an hour after I had fallen asleep, I felt huge hands being pressed on my back....." More »
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The Paranormal Creature

"I was frozen in my spot on the bed. I heard it brush against my bed and then felt a sharp jab in my ribs, really hard...."
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Possessed Dog

"The dog was sitting directly in front of my friend when the growling began, then he started to bark frantically like I'd never heard him do before...."
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Saved by Possessing Spirit

"Within moments, there was a loud shattering sound, and my parents raced into my bedroom, thinking I had broken something...."
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Scary Sleep Paralysis

"I saw this very muscular shadow demon with huge horns on his head. I could also see through his eyes as he walked down the hall and stared at me through my bedroom door...."
"As we neared even more, we realized to our astonishment that it seemed to be completely covered in hair!..." More »
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Sinister Entity

"As I was in the kitchen, I started to hear weird voices coming from my radio (I always turn my radio on for comfort), which kinda startled me...."
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Son's Evil Attachment

"I asked him what had happened and he told me that he had been awakened by someone sitting on his chest and then grabbed him by the throat and dragged him up the wall...."
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Strange Man in Black

"The man in black was sitting on a bench, as if he was watching me have class. Later, he was no where to be found...."
"I was trying, trying so hard to fight it. Cursing at the being, trying to free my arms. It laughed the most evil laugh, it wasn't a deep voice nor high-pitched; it was the most horrific laugh I have ever heard...." More »
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Summoned from the Underworld?

"When I walked into his room, I saw him in his closet with a butcher knife in his hand...."
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The Tall Stranger

"I rounded the last corner before my house, which was mid-block. Looking behind me again, there was a freakishly tall man across the street...."
"It was a black, shadow-like creature. I tried to break loose of the bond by kicking, but couldn't move. The black creature jumped off of my bed and I turned to the side and pulled my sheet over me...." More »
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Unforgettable Kitchen Demon

"It was large, easily 12 feet high, but hunched over. It walked with a loping gait and disappeared into the laundry room...."