True Stories of Demon Encounters

Terrifying Tales of Demonic Entities

A man uses a flashlight to draw horns and a tail on himself
Kirk Mastin/Getty Images

Explore these true stories from people who have encountered entities they believe are demonic. While scary movies and books can be entertaining, it's terrifying when you might encounter a demon in the night. These cases might make you think your fears are real.

Was the man they met at the traveling circus an illusionist bent on scaring them or was he, in fact, the devil, as the circus owner accused him of being? Certainly, he had some ghoulish tricks and a skeleton hand up his sleeve. This story may keep you from running away and joining the circus.

Adaleiss had several encounters with an entity that was physically intimate with her. Interestingly, these encounters always happened on the 14th of the month. "I was shocked and a bit confused as to what was happening. I had read multiple accounts on this subject where the 'victim' is unable to move." Was this entity some kind of demon or another spirit?

Did they communicate with a demon? Jessica tells a very scary story of using an Ouija board and then being visited by an entity, an incubus, that attempted intimacy. Then she felt she was drawn down a dark and sinister tunnel. The family summoned a priest to bless the house, with another strange occurrence. In another tale, dark flying shadows follow an Ouija board seance. Is this game a dangerous entry point to the occult?​

Ethan had an encounter with a succubus, a female demon whose attacks are usually believed to be fatal. "I was trying, trying so hard to fight it. Cursing at the being, trying to free my arms. It laughed the most evil laugh, it wasn't a deep voice nor high-pitched; it was the most horrific laugh I have ever heard." He survived to tell his frightening tale.