Dental Hygiene Dialogue for English Learners

Dental examination
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English learners can practice medical vocabulary and reading comprehension with this dialogue between a patient and a dental hygienist

Dental Hygiene Dialogue

  • Sam: Hello.
  • Gina the Dental Hygienist: Hello Mr. Waters. I'm Gina. I'll be cleaning your teeth today.
  • Sam: Dr. Peterson has just filled two cavities. Why do I need a cleaning?
  • Gina the Dental Hygienist: Well, we have to make get your teeth and gums clean and disease free.
  • Sam: I guess that makes sense.​
  • Gina the Dental Hygienist: Oral health leads to trouble-free teeth. I'll start off by removing plaque. Please lean back and open wide.
  • Sam: OK, I hope it's not too bad.
  • Gina the Dental Hygienist: Everybody gets plaque, even if they floss regularly. That's why it's important to come in twice a year for check-ups.
  • Sam: (getting his teeth cleaned, can't say much...)
  • Gina the Dental Hygienist: OK, please take a drink and rinse.
  • Sam: Ah, that's better.
  • Gina the Dental Hygienist: OK, now I'll apply some fluoride. Which flavor would you like?
  • Sam: I have a choice?
  • Gina the Dental Hygienist: Sure, we have mint, spearmint, orange or bubble-gum - that's for the kids.
  • Sam: I'd like to have the bubble-gum!
  • Gina the Dental Hygienist: OK. (applies fluoride) Now, let me give your teeth a final flossing.
  • Sam: What type of floss tape do you recommend?
  • Gina the Dental Hygienist: Personally, I like the flat tape. It's easier to get between the teeth.
  • Sam: OK, I'll remember that the next time I buy floss. How often should I floss?
  • Gina the Dental Hygienist: Everyday! Twice a day if possible! Some people like to floss after every meal, but that's not absolutely necessary.
  • Sam: (after finishing the cleaning) I feel much better. Thank you.
  • Gina the Dental Hygienist: My pleasure. Have a pleasant day, and remember to floss every day - at least once a day!

Key Vocabulary

  • to clean someone's teeth
  • dental hygienist
  • to fill cavities
  • gums
  • disease-free
  • oral health
  • to lead to
  • plaque
  • to remove plaque
  • to floss
  • check-up
  • to rinse
  • fluoride
  • to apply fluoride
  • flavor
  • flossing
  • floss tape
  • floss after meals