Dental Receptionist Dialogue for Medical Purposes

Dental Receptionist
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Dental receptionists take care of administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments and checking in patients. They answer telephone calls and do paperwork such as sending out reminders to patients of appointment dates. In this dialogue, you will practice the role of a patient who is returning for a yearly dental appointment.

Checking-In With the Dental Receptionist

  • Sam: Good morning. I have an appointment with Dr. Peterson at 10.30.
  • Receptionist: Good morning, can I have your name, please?
  • Sam: Yes, it's Sam Waters.
  • Receptionist: Yes, Mr. Waters. Is this the first time you've seen Dr. Peterson?
  • Sam: No, I had my teeth cleaned and checked last year.
  • Receptionist: OK, just a moment, I'll get your chart.
  • Receptionist: Have you had any other dental work done during the past year?
  • Sam: No, I haven't. 
  • Receptionist: Have you flossed regularly?
  • Sam: Of course! I floss twice a day and use a water-pick. 
  • Receptionist: I see you have a few fillings. Have you had any trouble with them?
  • Sam: No, I don't think so. Oh, I changed my insurance. Here's my new provider card.
  • Receptionist: Thank you. Is there anything in particular you'd like the dentist to check today?
  • Sam: Well, yes. I've been having some gum pain recently.
  • Receptionist: Alright, I'll make a note of that.
  • Sam: ... and I'd like to have my teeth cleaned as well.
  • Receptionist: Of course, Mr. Waters, that'll be part of today's dental hygiene.
  • Sam: Oh, yes, of course. Will I have x-rays taken?
  • Receptionist: Yes, the dentist likes to take x-rays every year. However, if you'd prefer not to have x-rays, you can opt out.
  • Sam: No, that's alright. I'd like to make sure everything is OK.
  • Receptionist: Great. Please have a seat and the Dr. Peterson will be with you momentarily.

After the Appointment

  • Receptionist: We'll need to schedule an appointment to come in for the fillings you need?
  • Sam: OK. Do you have any openings next week?
  • Receptionist: Let's see... How about next Thursday morning?
  • Sam: I'm afraid I have a meeting. 
  • Receptionist: How about two weeks from today?
  • Sam: Yes, that sounds good. What time?
  • Receptionist: Can you come at 10 o'clock in the morning?
  • Sam: Yes. Let's do that. 
  • Receptionist: Perfect, we'll see you on Tuesday, March 10th at 10 o'clock.
  • Sam: Thank you. 

Key Vocabulary

  • appointment
  • chart
  • check-up
  • dental hygiene
  • floss
  • gum pain
  • gums
  • insurance
  • provider card
  • to clean teeth
  • to opt out
  • to schedule an appointment
  • x-ray
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