Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury - Who Would Win?

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With Deontay Wilder's recent capture of the WBC heavyweight title, naturally fight fans have been drawn to conversation regarding a potential showdown with himself and fellow undefeated, young and brash heavyweight - Tyson Fury. A good old America vs Britain heavyweight title showdown between these two could merit a massive promotion if it were to happen, but who would emerge victorious?

Styles in most cases tend to make fights, but when your talking heavyweights where one punch can change the entire course of the contest, sometimes all bets are off and frankly anything can happen.

I guess that's the draw of the big men, going back to the glory days of boxing where the heavyweight champ was regarded as the toughest guy in the world.

The belt may not garner as much credibility as it once did, but the combination of these two in a ring could certainly help in restoring its once famed prestige. These two combatants being as young as they are, modern day giant heavyweights, coupled with their ability to talk and fight, could make for some genuine rocket propelled fireworks in and outside the ring.

When you consider both fighter's main strengths and attributes, you'd have to say as things stand it's rather even, at least on paper. On one hand you've got the ultra powerful, athletic Deontay Wilder who's shown with his recent win that he can take a punch, go the full twelve rounds and it turns out he has a very handy jab. On the other hand, you've got a man that's proven time and time again he has massive heart and grit, and more recently in his win against Dereck Chisora he showed his boxing skills have developed significantly during his time out of the ring over the past couple of years.

Combine this with two guys who have massive reach, it's a bit of a fifty fifty. Many will point to the power of Wilder being the kryptonite for a Fury chin that has been suspect from time to time in the past. Then again, even though Wilder showed he can hold a decent shot against Stiverne I don't think Stiverne's power would be quite on the same level as a much larger Fury.

The counter argument to Wilder supporters favoring him over the big man from the UK, could be that Fury has a lot more boxing experience and skills in his arsenal then his American rival. He's shown in the past that he can fight both orthodox and southpaw and really mix up his punch variation when needed.

At the moment all things being equal, perhaps it would be reasonable to assume Deontay Wilder as an ever so slight favorite in the fight, but as we all know in this fickle game that can all change in one punch on the night. Depending on how serious both men take the preparation for a potential encounter in the future, maybe it would be a worthwhile exercise to see how they weigh in before making a decision on who to go with.

Although currently it looks like Fury is going down the Wladimir Klitschko route, don't be surprised if this possible US vs UK battle becomes an exciting reality at some point this year or at the worst, in 2016. This is one that boxing fans the world over would surely salivate over. 

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