Dermot Mulroney Tries Not to Kiss and Tell in "The Wedding Date"

Interview with Dermot Mulroney at the World Premiere of "The Wedding Date"

Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney Photo from The Wedding Date
Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney in "The Wedding Date". © Universal Pictures

Dermot Mulroney plays a professional male escort hired by Debra Messing to impress her ex-boyfriend in Universal Pictures' romantic comedy, "The Wedding Date."

Talking to Dermot Mulroney in person, it's quickly apparent why Mulroney was chosen to play 'Nick Mercer', the smooth-talking, handsome escort who makes women swoon and men jealous. After casting "Will & Grace" star Debra Messing as the female lead, director Clare Kilner turned to Mulroney to set hearts aflutter.

"Dermot's a great actor, in both drama and comedy. He gave the role of Nick such humor, class and substance that it's hard to imagine anyone else in the part. He was a pleasure to direct," recalls Kilner.

Though most of the films on Dermot Mulroney's lengthy list of credits are dramas ("Lovely & Amazing," "The Safety of Objects," and "Undertow" to name just a few), he's not exactly a stranger to the romantic comedy genre. Mulroney starred opposite former romantic comedy queen Julia Roberts in "My Best Friend's Wedding" and next up he's got "Must Love Dogs" with Diane Lane and John Cusack.

Catching up with Dermot Mulroney at the World Premiere of "The Wedding Date," I had the chance to get the scoop on kissing scenes, working in England, and working with Debra Messing:

Interview With Dermot Mulroney ('Nick')

How was filming in England?

I enjoyed it very much. England’s a nice, nice, nice country.

A good place to have a wedding. In fact, I’ve been to a wedding there before – not in Oxford. My American friend married a Brit so I actually went through this, come to think of it. I should have thought of this a while ago. I could have had some of those – what do they call them? – sense memories, or something (laughing).

And you play Debra’s date in the movie…

I’m Debra’s date from now, starting now, for all time. That’s the arrangement that we’ve made.

Why are you such a good date?

(Laughing) You’d have to ask Debra.

Why is she such a good date?

Because she’s fetching, she’s beautiful, she’s talented. [Pointing to Debra Messing] Look at her dress! She’s got it all. She’s got it all. No, I was real happy to be in the movie with her. I’d always seen her on the show and thought that she was dynamite. And she is.

Debra said she’s actually naked in this movie.

She is so naked in this movie you wouldn’t believe it! Of course her arm’s in the way and somebody’s hands. She ripped it out. I don’t know how to put it. That’s what she done did (laughing).

In keeping with the whole romantic theme of the movie, what is your favorite onscreen kiss?

Which of the girls did I like kissing the most? [Huge smile] Can’t answer that.

How about a favorite onscreen kiss involving someone else?

Oh crap, if I admit to having like a favorite wedding kiss then I admit to going to, you know, romantic movies and then what am I? I’d rather be in the movies than have to go see them. Can I be blatantly honest with you?

How about your kiss with Julia Roberts in "My Best Friend's Wedding?" Would that be your favorite?

Well, no – Debra’s my present favorite (laughing). My most recent 'Most Favorite' is Debra Messing – strongly. She’s a fantastic kisser. (Laughing) You should give her a try.