Designing and Publishing a Church Newsletter

Software, templates, content, and tips for church newsletters

The basics of any newsletter design and publishing apply to church newsletters. But as with any specialized newsletter, the design, layout, and content should be tailored to your specific audience.

A church newsletter is a type of relationship newsletter. It generally has the same 12 parts of a newsletter as other similar publications.

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Use the following resources for designing and publishing your church newsletter.


There is no single software program best suited to church newsletters. Because those producing the newsletter may not be professional graphic designers and because the budget for small churches doesn't allow for expensive programs like InDesign or QuarkXPress, church newsletters are often produced using programs such as:

  • Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word
  • Serif PagePlus (Win) or Pages (Mac)
  • Scribus (free)

Also, there are other newsletter design software for Windows and newsletter design software for the Mac which are all good options. Choose the software based on your skill level, budget, and type of publishing you plan to do.

Newsletter Templates

You can start with any kind of newsletter template (or create your own). However, you may find it easier to use a template designed especially for church newsletters with layouts and images specific to the type of content typically found in church newsletters. Three sources of church newsletters (purchase individually or subscribe to the service):

Or, search through these free newsletter templates to find a suitable format and layout.

Content for Church Newsletters

What you include in your newsletter will depend on your specific organization. However, these articles provide advice on content:

Quotes and Filler for Church Newsletters

This compilation of quotes and sayings with a spiritual bent are useful as standing elements or can be featured as a different quote in each issue.

Clip Art and Photos for Church Newsletters

Use clip art wisely but when it's the right choice, choose the right image from some of these collections compiled by various guides.

Layout and Design

Even if you use a template, you'll need to choose one with a layout that fits your planned content and presents the right impression for your organization. 


It may seem like a small detail, but it's important to choose the best fonts for your church newsletter. In general, you'll want to stick with good, basic serif or sans serif fonts for your newsletter, but there is room to add some variety and interest by carefully mixing in some script and other styles of fonts. 

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