Desktop Publishing Lesson Plans

Use Desktop Publishing to Teach Any Subject

Even classrooms and schools with limited technology resources can integrate desktop publishing into the classroom. Use the desktop publishing lesson plans for three common desktop published documents — business cards, brochures, and resumés to teach visual communication and design as well as almost any subject normally taught in the K-12 classroom.

These desktop publishing lesson plans rely on traditional methods of research (although access to Internet resources is a plus).

The findings of the students work is then assembled into a simple desktop published document. You can adapt these projects to almost any grade/age level. Projects are written as a series of desktop publishing lesson plans with the student as the intended audience. There are two lesson plans for each document. Additional notes to the teacher are at the beginning of each project. Customize these lesson plans and instructions as needed.

Helpful Prerequisites to Using These Lesson Plans

Not involved in teaching/education? Use the exercises and resources described here to help you build your graphic design portfolio, show your range, flexibility, and creativity, and to stimulate ideas for client work.

Get The Lesson Plans

The following pages contain the lesson plans and links to some online resources.

You'll also find a link to the lesson plans in Microsoft Word format that you can download and modify as needed.

  • Business Card Lesson Plans
    How does a person, business, or organization adequately describe themselves in a 3.5 x 2 inch space? There are two lesson plans that focus on business cards.
  • Brochure Lesson Plans
    The brochure can inform, educate, persuade, explain, or instruct. Find two lesson plans for designing a brochure.
  • Resumé Lesson Plans
    A life's worth of experience and education summarized in a single page — that's a resumé. Use one or both of these resumé lesson plans in your classroom.

MORE Lesson Plans Using Desktop Publishing (updated August 2012)


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