'Desperate Housewives' Character Profiles

Each of the residents of Wisteria Lane come with their own juicy stories. Whether you've watched from the beginning or just getting started, learn more about the fascinating characters from ABC's Desperate Housewives.

Marcia Cross as Bree Van de Kamp-Hodge

Photo Credit: Randee St. Nicholas © American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
She's the Martha Stewart of Wisteria Lane -- the perfect hostess, friend, wife and mother. However, underneath the polished exterior lies a damaged, imperfect woman who will stop at nothing to protect her family and friends. Her relationship with her children Andrew and Danielle is been volatile over the years, but it looks as though Andrew and Bree are finally on the road to much happier times, especially now that she has accepted his homosexuality. When Danielle got pregnant, Bree sent her away and faked a pregnancy in order to pass off the baby as her own. After losing her husband Rex at the end of season one, Bree married Orson Hodge, a dentist with a few secrets of his own.

Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo

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Being a mother of four is difficult in of itself, but imagine three of those children being the next thing to the devil's spawn? That's the hand Lynette Scavo was dealt and I don't think she'd trade her three boys and little girl for perfect children. After getting her husband Tom fired from his job, Lynette headed back to work and Tom decided to use their life savings to open a pizzeria and Lynette quit her job to work with Tom. In season three, Tom learned he had fathered a child from a previous relationship. When the girl's mother died, she went to live with the Scavo's and soon made their boys look like angels. She was promptly shipped off to live with relatives. Lynette spent season four battling lymphoma and is now cancer-free.

Eva Longoria as Gabrielle Solis

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This beauty queen knows exactly what she wants in life and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Although Gaby's husband Carlos provided her with a luxurious lifestyle, it didn't take long before she began a torrid affair with their teenage gardener. After their divorce, Gaby and Carlos found their way back to each other, despite the fact that he is blind and has no money. Now that the show has jumped five years into the future, Gaby is now the mother of a precocious little girl. Will she survive motherhood? Or better yet -- will Carlos survive Gaby's motherhood?

Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer

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Easily one of the most entertaining housewives on Wisteria Lane, Susan Mayer and her daughter Julie spent many years taking care of each other after she divorced her first husband Carl. One can always count on Susan getting into some sort of hilarious and/or sticky situation. During the first four seasons, Susan and her neighbor Mike were a couple (on again, off again). They finally married and she gave birth to their son, Maynard. As the series jumped ahead five years, Susan is no longer with Mike and has a hot new lover in her life!

Nicollette Sheridan as Edie Britt

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Every neighborhood must have that man-stealer, and Wisteria Lane is no different. Edie Britt has gone after all those desperate husbands -- and even bedded most of them! After blackmailing her way into the ladies weekly poker game, Edie managed to form quasi friendships with most of the leading ladies. Once it was revealed that she was blackmailing Bree, Edie was run out of town. Skipping ahead five years, Edie is back on Wisteria Lane and married to a very handsome man.... with a major secret.

Dana Delany as Katherine Mayfair

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Katherine arrived on Wisteria Lane with her daughter Dylan at the beginning of season four, however it wasn't the first time she had lived in this peaceful neighborhood. They had lived there many years ago with her abusive husband. After accidentally killing her young daughter, Katherine fled the neighborhood, quickly found a child to adopt and began passing her off as the real Dylan. Bree and Katherine are two peas in a pod and the two took an instant disliking to each other. Eventually they formed a truce and a friendship was formed (with that occasional rivalry thrown in for good measure). The truth about Dylan did come out after her monstrous ex-husband returned. She wasted no time in making sure he never bothered them again.