Those Who Are Destined for Hell and Postmortal Life With the Devil

Mormons Refer to Such Persons As Sons of Perdition

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Our Heavenly Father has provided for all of His children in His great Plan of Salvation. Those who are too wicked to reside with Him, or even in Heaven, will be consigned to Hell.

To understand who they are and why they deserve Hell as a final destination, you must understand:

  1. What occurred in the premortal life
  2. What is occurring in mortal life.
  3. What will occur in the postmortal life.

There are three broad categories of wickedness.

Each category will result in individuals being consigned to Hell for eternity.


Category 1: Premortal Wickedness

In our premortal life, we had our agency, our freedom to choose. When Heavenly Father presented his plan for our happiness, we rejoiced.

However, this plan needed someone to redeem us from our sins. Both Jesus and Lucifer volunteered. Jesus was chosen and Lucifer rebelled.

Being in conscious opposition to Heavenly Father resulted in Lucifer becoming Satan, also called the devil. He was forced out of Heaven. All his followers were cast out with him. These followers are the first category of those called Sons of Perdition.

These evil spirits are largely unrestrained on the earth now. They tempt mortals and cause mischief in this world. They do the devil's bidding and work against Heavenly Father and all forces of good.

Category 2: Mortal Wickedness

We have our agency, our freedom to choose, in this life.

We can choose good or evil. Heavenly Father wants us to choose good.

Utilizing our agency, we live our lives learning to make decisions and demonstrating our willingness to make good decisions.

Not everyone will make good decisions and choose a path of righteousness on earth. However, those who choose wickedness in mortal life are not all the same.

We all have varying degrees of knowledge.

Only mortals who had the fullness of the gospel and turned their back on it entirely, choosing evil, will eventually reside in Hell. This distinction is critically important to understand. Mormons refer to it as committing the unpardonable sin.

Damnation in Hell is a Choice

Eventually residing in Hell is a choice, not happenstance. We know Cain will eventually reside in Hell, after he has been resurrected and experiences the final judgment. He will reign above Satan in Hell because Satan does not, and will never, have a body.

Sons of perdition can no longer repent or be forgiven. Sons of Perdition knowingly choose to rebel against the light and knowledge they have received. Because of their rebellion, Sons of Perdition are in a state of misery and they will do all they can to make us as miserable as they are.

The Unpardonable Sin is Denying the Holy Ghost

We do not have any idea how many people will qualify as Sons of Perdition; nor can we speculate on who they are. Cain is the only one we know of for certain.

Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is the unpardonable sin. When people knowingly reject Jesus Christ and His atonement as revealed to them by the power of the Holy Ghost, no forgiveness is possible.

They have rejected the new and everlasting covenant.

Since the new and everlasting covenant is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in His restored true church; most believe that you must be an LDS member before you are capable of committing the unpardonable sin. This speculation may be accurate. We do not currently know for certain.

Category 3: Postmortal Wickedness

Not everyone who was born on earth had the opportunity to accept or reject the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will have our agency, our freedom to choose, in this postmortal life as well.

However, we do not know how far this agency extends. We know that those who did not have the opportunity to accept or reject the gospel in this life will have that knowledge and choice in the postmortal one.

Besides being taught the gospel, postmortals will have the choice to either accept or reject the saving ordinances done by proxy on their behalf.

If they reject the gospel and the saving ordinances done on their behalf and their actions on earth were wicked; it is likely that such persons will be classified as Sons of Perdition as well. We do not know for certain.

Hell is a Largely a Spiritual Condition 

After God's Final Day of Judgment, the Sons of Perdition will go to Hell, a place called outer darkness, where they will dwell for all eternity, while all others will receive a Kingdom of Glory.

Since Sons of Perdition cannot reside in Heaven and cannot partake of His spirit in any form, they die spiritually. This is the second death. This is as much a state of mind as it is a location.

Sons of Perdition in Scripture

These scriptures give us guidance regarding the Sons of Perdition and the unpardonable sin:

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Updated by Krista Cook.