6 Great Devotionals and Bibles for Teen Boys

Personal Stories for Teen Boys That Help Them Relate to Their Faith

Keeping Christian teens involved in their faith is important to their sense of self. Many devotionals and bibles are written with teen boys in mind. 

Filled with personal stories that relate the Bible's teaching to experiences teen boys have is a perfect way to help a boy become a well-rounded young man. Some of these books even appeal to the teen boy's wild side and include fun activities for him and his youth group to try out.

An update to the long trusted title, The 2:52 Ultimate Devo for Boys, parents will find that Ed Strauss' The Ultimate Boys' Book of Devotions is another devotional that is perfect for young to middle teens.

It has a daily message that will resonate with your son because of its quick one-page delivery of issues and questions teen boys face every day. Topics include respecting yourself and others, peer pressure, finding an identity, family and many more things that will interest your teen son. 

Along with a full translation of the Bible, NIV Revolution: The Bible for Teen Guys has 125 interviews that share solid insights from everyday, normal guys about sex, conflict, music, anger, addiction, popularity and more.

It has twelve full-color tip-ins like 50 Ways to Be Radical for God, 100 Things Real Men Do and other ideas to help teen boys revolutionize all aspects of their life.

This Bible has many positive messages for teen boys. For instance, when the Bible talks about man being made in God's image, the pull out reminds teen boys that they are not the product of random chance, they are an individual worthy of respect.

Devotions for the God Guy: A 365-Day Journey is written by Michael DiMarco, the CEO of Hungry Planet and is based on the book God Guy: Becoming the Man You're Meant to Be.

This devotional for teens contains a daily journey with a new devotional for teen boys to read through and think about each day. It is a nice book for teens because they are often very quick when it comes to picking up short messages about their faith.

Devotions for the Good Guy is also a great book for youth ministries dedicated to boys. It is set up in a way that it can be read throughout the week by the boys then discussed with a youth leader once a week.

The premise behind Dangerous Devotions for Guys: Dare to Live Your Faith by Tim Shoemaker is if you make the message fun in a gross or 'blow-something-up' way, teen boys will pay attention and get the message. That is pretty smart thinking, Mr. Shoemaker.

Parents may think we're joking about this, but this devotional really is part mad scientist, part devotion about faith. If nothing else is going to make a teen boy pay attention, a science experiment is sure to do the trick! It is a fun and very unique devotional.

Guys Life Application Study Bible NLT is for preteens and young teens with some of the stories and life experiences coming from older teens about their tween years. It is written to hook your teen boy into the readings of the Bible and is geared specifically for him.

Among the personal stories included are I SurvivedIs It OK (answering tough questions teen boys have) and I'm Not the Only One! Each of these narratives will related the teachings of the Bible to real-life experiences most teen boys go through.

Bestselling author and national speaker, Jim George, has written over 15 books with more than 1 million copies sold. In his book, A Young Man After God's Own Heart, your older teen will learn about creating priorities in his life, how to build meaningful relationships and discover how God plays a role in who they are becoming. This is a wonderful Christian guide for young men.


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