ESL Beginner Dialogue: Introductions

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This dialogue will help you learn how to start conversations with another person by asking and answering questions about personal information such as where you are from, your hobbies, etc.. When introducing yourself talk about your country, your likes and dislikes, and so on.


(At a party)

Peter: Hello.
Jane: Hi!

Peter: My name is Peter. What's your name?
Jane: My name is Jane. Nice to meet you.

Peter: It's a pleasure. This is a great party!
Jane: Yes, it is. Where are you from?

Peter: I'm from Amsterdam.
Jane: Amsterdam? Really, are you German?

Peter: NO, I'm not German. I'm Dutch.
Jane: Oh, you're Dutch. Sorry about that.

Peter: That's OK. Where are you from?
Jane: I'm from London, but I'm not British.

Peter: No, what are you?
Jane: Well, my parents were Spanish, so I'm Spanish, too.

Peter: That's very interesting. Spain is a beautiful country.
Jane: Thank you. It IS a wonderful place.

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