Dialog: Interview with a Famous Actor

65th Venice Film Festival - Opening Ceremony and 'Burn After Reading' Premiere
VENICE, ITALY - AUGUST 27: Actor Brad Pitt gives an interview while George Clooney waits prior to the Opening Ceremony and Burn After Reading film premiere during the 65th Venice Film Festival held at the Sala Grande on August 27, 2008 in Venice, Italy. George Pimentel / Contributor/ WireImage/ Getty Images

In this dialog you will practice speaking about daily routines, as well as current activities. Practice the dialog with your partner and then interview each other focusing on changing between a discussion of daily routines by using the cues provided after the comprehension quiz.

Dialog Practice - Interview with a Famous Actor 

Interviewer: Thank you for taking some time off from your busy schedule to answer a few questions about your life!

Brad: It's my pleasure.

Interviewer: Could you tell us about an average day in your life?
Brad: Sure, I get up early - at 7 in the morning. Then I have breakfast. After breakfast, I go to the gym.

Interviewer: Are you studying anything now?
Brad: Yes, I'm learning a new film called "The Man About Town".

Interviewer: What do you do in the afternoon?
Brad: First I have lunch, then I go to the studio and shoot some scenes.

Interviewer: Which scene are you acting today?
Brad: I'm acting a scene about an angry lover.

Interviewer: That's very interesting. What do you do in the evening?
Brad: In the evening, I go home and have dinner and study my scripts.

Interviewer: Do you go out at night?
Brad: Not always, I like going out at weekends.

Key Vocabulary

take time off = stop working in order to do something else
average day = a normal or typical day in someone's life
studio = the room(s) in which a movie is made
shoot some scenes = act scenes from a movie for the camera
script = the lines the actor needs to speak in a movie

Study Notes

Notice that the present simple is used to speak and ask about daily routines. For example,

He usually gets up early and goes to the gym.
How often do you travel for work?
She doesn't work from home. 

The present continuous is used to speak about what is happening at this specific moment in time, as well as around the current moment in time.

For example,

I'm studying French for a test right now. (at this moment)
What are you working on this week? (around current moment)
They're getting ready to open the new store. (at this moment / around current moment)

Comprehension Quiz

Check your understanding with this multiple choice comprehension quiz.

1. What does the interviewer thank Brad for?

 for visiting him
 for taking time off work
 for telephoning

2. What does Brad do after breakfast?

 He studies his scripts.
 He goes to the studio.
 He goes to the gym.

3. What is Brad studying now?

 The Man
 The Man About Town
 The Loverboy

4. What does he do in the afternoon?

 He goes to the studio.
 He goes to the gym.
 He studies his scripts.

5. When does he like going out?

 at night
 on Sundays
 on weekends


  1. for taking time off work
  2. He goes to the gym.
  3. The man about Town
  4. He studies scripts.
  5. on weekends

A Famous Actor II - Cues

Use these cues to have another dialog with a famous actor. Pay careful attention to the time words and context to help you choose the correct tense. Try to come up with different possibilities. Compare yours to the example below. 

Interviewer: Thank you / interview. Know / busy
Actor: Welcome / Pleasure

Interviewer: work new film?
Actor: Yes / act in "Sun on My Face" this month

Interviewer: congratulations. Ask questions about life?
Actor: Yes / any question

Interviewer: what do after work?
Actor: usually relax pool

Interviewer: what do today?
Actor: have interview today!

Interviewer: where go evening?
Actor: usually stay home

Interviewer: stay home this evening?
Actor: no go movies

Interviewer:  which movie?
Actor:not say

Example Solution:

Interviewer: Thank you for letting me interview you today. I know how busy you are.
Actor:You're welcome. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Interviewer:  Are you working on a new film these days?
Actor:Yes, I'm acting in "Sun in My Face" this month. It's a great film!

Interviewer:  Congratulations! May I ask you some questions about your life?
Actor:Of course you can! I can answer almost any question!

Interviewer:  Great. So, acting is hard work. What do you like doing after work?

Actor:I usually relax at my pool. 

Interviewer:  What are you doing today for relaxation?
Actor: I'm having an interview today! 

Interviewer:  That's very funny! Where do you enjoy going in the evening?
Actor: I usually just stay home! I'm boring!

Interviewer:  Are you staying home this evening?
Actor: No. This evening I'm going to the movies.

Interviewer:  Which moving are you going to?
Actor: I can't say. It's a secret!

More Dialogue Practice - Includes level and target structures / language functions for each dialogue. Teachers should find this role play lesson helpful for business classes. For more advanced classes, this lesson on creating drama scripts provides fun practice with dialogs and role plays.  This worksheet on present continuous can help students explore this form further.