Dialogue: Personal Information

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Friends often help each other to fill out a form. Sometimes, you'll have to fill out the form yourself. Other times, you'll answer questions with someone who helps you fill out the form. This dialogue will help you practice filling out forms with another person by asking and answering questions about personal information such as date of birth, address, etc. This type of dialogue may seem intimidating at first (who wants to reveal such personal information?) but it is a pretty inevitable one. 

Personal Information

(Two friends filling in a form together)

Jim: Your painting is fantastic Roger!

Roger: I'm happy you like it. It's for a competition. Here's the form.

Jim: Right. OK, here are the questions.... Your hands are dirty.

Roger: ... from painting! What are the questions? Here's a pen (gives him a pen to fill the form in)

Jim: What's your name?

Roger: oh, that's difficult ... Roger!

Jim: Ha, ha. What's your surname?

Roger: I'm not sure ...

Jim: Very funny! OK, surname - Tailor

Roger: Yes, that's it!

Jim: Next question, please. Are you married or single?

Roger: Single. I'm sure about that!

Jim: What's your address?

Roger: 72 London Road.

Jim:... and what are your hobbies?

Roger: hmmm.... painting, going windsurfing and watching TV.

Jim: ... OK, last question. What's your telephone number?

Roger: 0343 897 6514

Jim: 0343 897 6514 - Got it. Where's an envelope?

Roger: Over there ...

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