Dialogue: What's in Your Office?

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Speaking about objects in your office means that you'll need to understand the use of 'there is' and 'there are', as well as 'any' or 'some' for asking and answering questions about those objects. You'll also practice using prepositions of place to describe where the objects in your office are located. Practice the dialogue with your partner and then continue discussing your own office or school.

What's in Your Office?

David: I've got a new office now…
Maria: That's great! Congratulations.

David: I'll need a desk and some cabinets. How many cabinets are there in your office?
Maria: I think there are four cabinets in my office.

David: And do you have any furniture in your office? I mean other than the chair at your desk.
Maria: Oh yes, I've got a sofa and two comfortable armchairs.

David: Are there any tables in your office?
Maria: Yes, I've got a table in front of the sofa.

David: Is there a computer in your office?
Maria: Oh yes, I keep a laptop on my desk next to the phone.

David: Are there any flowers or plants in your office?
Maria: Yes, there are a few plants near the window.

David: Where's your sofa?
Maria: The sofa is in front of the window, between the two armchairs.

David: Thanks a lot for your help, Maria. This gives me a good idea of how to arrange my office.
Maria: My pleasure. Good luck with your decorating!

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