Did Caroline Kennedy Call Obama a Liar?

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As shared on Facebook, Aug. 9, 2012:

Caroline Kennedy on Barack Obama
Netlore Archive: Circulating via social media, a quote attributed to Caroline Kennedy: "I can’t stand to hear his [Obama’s] voice anymore. He’s a liar, and worse". Via Facebook

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Status: Quote is secondhand, via anonymous source

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As shared on Facebook, Aug. 9, 2012:

Former Obama supporter Caroline Kennedy said, "I can’t stand to hear his [Obama’s] voice anymore. He’s a liar, and worse." LIKE if you agree with Kennedy.

Analysis: This quote originated in a book called The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House, by Edward Klein, released by Regnery Publishing in May 2012. It's not a direct quote. Caroline Kennedy is reported to have said these words by an unnamed source identified only as "a member of the Kennedy clan."

The context is an account of what is described as a gradual falling out between the Obamas and Caroline Kennedy, who had been a fervent supporter during the 2008 campaign but came to feel unappreciated and even outright snubbed by the President and First Lady once they were ensconced in the White House, according to the anonymous family member:

"It really annoyed Caroline when comparisons were made by the media between Michelle and Jackie. Caroline had a word for such comparisons; she called them 'odious.' She really got annoyed. And when she began to fall out of love with the Obamas, love was replaced by outright scorn. Now she says things about Obama like, 'I can't stand to hear his voice any more. He's a liar and worse.'"

Kennedy herself has neither confirmed nor denied making such statements, though on June 17, 2012 — a month after these alleged quotes were published — she penned a glowing message to Obama supporters saying she was "joining Michelle and others all around the country to wish the President a happy Father's Day," and urging recipients to add their names "to tell Barack how much he means to all of us."

Ten days later she campaigned for Obama in New Hampshire, telling voters, "I think he's really shown the kind of leadership and character that my father wrote about in Profiles in Courage, the courage to keep fighting for all Americans no matter what special interest or personal attacks are used against him."

Make of that what you will.

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