Did Coca-Cola Recall 2 Million Bottles With the Name 'Michael'?

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Via EmpireNews.net, July 29, 2014:

Coca-Cola Recalls 2 Million Bottles With The Name Michael
Netlore Archive: Viral "news" article claims Coca-Cola had to recall 2 million Share-a-Coke bottles imprinted with the name "Michael" because a disgruntled employee had put dirt in them. (Via EmpireNews.net)

Description: Fake news / Satire
Circulating since July 2014
Status: False (see details below)

Via EmpireNews.net, July 29, 2014:

Coca-Cola Recalls 2 Million Bottles With The Name ‘Michael,’ The Reason Why Will Shock You

ATLANTA, Georgia - 

Coca-Cola spokesperson Gabriella Sanchez announced in an impromptu press conference this morning that the iconic cola company is urgently recalling all twenty-ounce size bottles of the drink with the name ‘Michael’ on them due to “compromising of ingredients”. She went on to say that several customers had returned their drinks to stores and/or called the Coca-Cola customer service hotline after noticing their personalized bottles, with the name ‘Michael’ on them, had an odd taste.

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Thanks to Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke" promotion, bottles of Coke emblazoned with ordinary names like "Tom," "Dick," and "Harry" can now be found on store shelves everywhere, but it is not true that 2 million bottles with the name "Michael" on them were recalled because a disgruntled Coke employee put dirt in them.

The source of this fictional story is EmpireNews.net, a self-described "satirical and entertainment website" that spoofs mainstream news and pop culture happenings of the day. Other examples of Empire News' tabloidese "scoops" include "Unborn Baby Becomes Pregnant," "Charles Manson Granted Parole," and "George W. Bush Arrested for Cocaine Possession."

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