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Bacon-Flavored Diet Coke? Really?

Bacon Flavored Diet Coke
Netlore Archive: Viral image of a can of 'Bacon-Flavored Diet Coke' is accompanied by claims that such a product really exists. It doesn't. Viral image

Description: Viral image / Hoax
Circulating since: June 2005?
Status: Fake (details below)

Text example:
As shared on Facebook, Aug. 21, 2012:

A new adventure in soft drinks, Diet Coke with Bacon is sure to introduce you to a flavorific good time. This drink is so important that it even has its own Diet Coke Facebook Page.

Analysis: Sorry, bacon lovers. Despite having its own Facebook page, this product does not exist.

Bacon Today, a website for cured pork belly enthusiasts that bears some responsibility for both spreading and debunking this hoax, finally went straight to the source in 2012 and queried Coca-Cola public affairs VP Scott Williamson, who said: "To answer your question, no, there is no Diet Coke with bacon."

Which means the image above, in case it got by your B.S. Detector in the first place, is a fake. As best I can tell, it's been circulating online since mid-2005. The earliest reference to it I've found is in a blog posting dated June 23, 2005, which linked to a MySpace page featuring the Diet Coke with Bacon can as a profile picture. I have not been able to ascertain who created it.

While Bacon Diet Coke may not exist, there actually was a bacon-flavored soda on the market for a short time back in 2010, manufactured by Jones Soda Inc. in Seattle. It is now listed among their "retired" products, though last time I checked you could still purchase individual bottles on (for a hefty price, I might add).

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