Geeks Versus Nerds - What's the Difference?

How to Tell the Difference Between a Geek and a Nerd

Both nerds and geeks might wear glasses, but a nerd rocks prescription lenses because who has time to mess with contacts?
Both nerds and geeks might wear glasses, but a nerd rocks prescription lenses because who has time to mess with contacts?. Elisabeth LHOMELET / Getty Images

You may consider the terms "geek" and "nerd" to be synonymous. While geeks and nerds share certain common traits (and it's possible to be both at once), there are distinct differences between the two groups.

Geek Definition

The word "geek" comes from the English and German words geek and geck, which mean "fool" or "freak". The German word geck survives to the present day and means "fool". In the 18th century Europe, Gecken were circus freaks. In the 19th century, American geeks were still circus freaks, but they upped their game to include feats of freakishness, like biting the heads off of live rats or chickens. Modern geeks aren't known for acts of barbarism but retain a flair for eccentricity. They also tend not to be fools, unless you consider their penchant for bleeding edge tech to be foolish.

Modern Geek Definition: A person with an intense interest in one or more subjects. A geek will have encyclopedic knowledge about these topics and may be an avid collector of tech or memorabilia related to the areas of concern.

Nerd Definition

The word "nerd" first appeared in the 1951 Dr. Seuss poem "If I Ran the Zoo":

"Then the whole town will gasp, ‘Why this boy never sleeps! No keeper before ever kept what he keeps. There’s no telling what that young fellow will do!’ And then, just to show them, I’ll sail to Ka­troo  And bring back an It­Kutch a Preep and a Proo, A Nerkle, a Nerd and a Seersucker too." 

While Dr. Seuss may have coined the term, there was a 1940s slang word, nert, which meant "crazy person." Modern nerds could be considered borderline insane because they are characterized by an obsession with matters of interest. Typically, these are academic pursuits.

Modern Nerd Definition: An intellectual who is focused on learning all there is to know about one or more topics and mastering the skills of the discipline. Some would say a nerd is a geek who either lacks social skills or else simply prefers solitary pursuits. Urban Dictionary definition: "a four-letter word with a six-figure income."

How to Tell a Geek and a Nerd Apart

You can distinguish between a geek and a nerd based in part on appearance, but mainly by actions. Any person you meet in a social situation is more likely a geek since nerds tend to be introverted or reclusive.

Trait Geek Nerd
appearance Hipsters style themselves after geeks. Geeks often wear t-shirts displaying their object of interest. Nerds are unconcerned with how others perceive them and may appear carelessly dressed.
social Geeks, whether introverted or extroverted, can talk ad nauseum about their interests. Often comes across as pretentious, but truly knows his stuff. Nerds tend to be introverted. They may not lack social skills, but prefer to spend time engaged in an activity or study rather than talking about it. Typically knows more than he's saying.
tech A geek will own incredibly awesome tech, typically before it becomes mainstream. Nerds have the best tools of their trade, which could be a computer, paintbrushes, aquarium supplies, etc.
home decorating Very likely keeps a collection, such as figurines, collector cards, video games. Possibly has a messy home, since her focus will be on interests, not mundane tasks like cleaning.
common careers IT, designer, barista, engineer scientist, musician, programmer
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