What is the Difference Between Mormon.org and LDS.org?

Mormon.org is the Appetizer, LDS.org is the Meal!

The Mormon.org website features profiles of Latter-day Saints from a variety of backgrounds. Photo courtesy of © 2011 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

People often get the terms Mormon and LDS confused. Mormon is a nickname given to us by others. LDS is a nickname we chose for ourselves. The distinction is important, if you want to understand how Mormon.org differs from LDS.org.

Both Mormon.org and LDS.org are sites from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon). However they have very different purposes and audiences.

Mormon.org is Just an Appetizer

Just like an appetizer at a restaurant, Mormon.org functions as an appetizer to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members.

Anyone who knows little or nothing about the Church or its members can access Mormon.org to find out more. The website covers only the basics. When people become members, they should already know most of what Mormon.org covers.

For several years, the LDS Church did not even own the Mormon.org domain site. Mormon.org was launched many years after LDS.org was up and operating.

Mormon.org is intended to serve as an introduction to the LDS faith. Those who are already LDS members access LDS.org, because the Church has organized resources expressly for them under this website address.

What Does Mormon.org Offer?

This basic site is organized into the following areas:

  • People
  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Visit
  • FAQ
  • Blog
  • Chat

If you have never met a real Mormon in person, you can meet many online under People. Individual Mormons have created profiles of themselves and answer questions we often get asked. Some prominent Mormons have more extensive profiles which include videos, such as Alex Boye.

Other profiles are just ordinary Mormons. You can search for profiled Mormons based on age, ethnicity, gender and previous religion.

The Values pages highlight things like education, self-reliance, freedom, service and more. The Beliefs pages address concepts like Heavenly Father's plan for this life and eternity, as well as His commandments such as scripture study and sabbath worship.

Visit allows you find a meetinghouse close to you, so you can join us for worship and to find out what worship involves on Sundays. You can also find other locations, such as our historic sites and visitor centers.

On the Blog, you can see topics of current interest, like Mothers' Day, marriage and so forth. Clicking on Chat will connect you to online LDS missionary volunteers you can chat with in real time and get answers to any question!

What Does LDS.org Offer?

This site is primarily for members and leaders. It is organized across the following six categories

  • Scriptures
  • Teachings
  • Resources
  • News
  • My Account and Ward
  • Search

Members can read or listen to Scriptures on many different formats for all types of devices. This includes all the scriptures unique to the LDS faith, along with the Bible, both old and new testaments. Various study helps are also available.

Teachings is a catch all to explore all teachings from modern day prophets. This includes General Conference talks, as well as information organized by topic in the Gospel Topics section. All this information is detailed and explicit.

Resources is a complex category which includes information on all home, family and individual topics; like marriage, childhood, family history, temples, etc.

It also has an extensive section to help all lay leaders and volunteers perform their responsibilities properly.

Magazines, the media library of images/audio/video, church manuals, music, church history and more can be found under the General subheading under Resources. This is also where you find the online store to order church materials yourself.

News includes church and lds related news for members, as well as resources to help news media report on the Church.

My Account and Ward helps members access specific materials for their ward and stake. This includes the congregations roster of names and contact information, local calendar events, newsletter and lesson schedules. To access all these tools, you must create and LDS Account and enter your Membership Record Number (MRN).

The Search function allows you to search across the Church's multiple websites.

Overwhelmed? Review the Menu and Start on the Appetizer

The Church's digital offerings are extensive. By starting on the Mormon.org site you can pick up the basics and determine which entree may be most useful for you.

More is added to LDS.org every day. It will continue to be a comprehensive site for anything LDS. Mormon.org may be redesigned and reorganized many times in the future, but it will continue to be an introduction to the Church and its members.