Different Methods to Copy Slides in PowerPoint

Copying Existing Slides is a Time Saver for Presenters

Save Time and Copy Slides to Reuse in Other Presentations

Copying slides from one presentation to another is a tool used often by frequent presenters. Why reinvent the wheel? If you already have some great slides created, use them again, with slight edits, and voila! A new presentation is created in a flash.

There are several methods to get slides from one presentation to another, and there is no right or wrong way -- just a preference on the part of the presenter.

Here are several options to get you off and running with a new presentation with the least amount of work involved.

PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2007 and 2003

  • Copy PowerPoint Slides - Copy and Paste or Drop and Drag Method - Text Only Version
    Copy your existing slides from one presentation and paste into another presentation -- either a brand new one or a presentation that you have already created. Even quicker to accomplish, is to drag the slide(s) from presentation A and drop them right into presentation B.
  • Reuse Slides from Other PowerPoint Presentations
    Do you need to put the same content in a new presentation? Then reuse your existing slides.

PowerPoint 2003

  • Add a List of Favorites to PowerPoint 2003 Slide Finder
    Instead of searching for the same presentations over and over, add these presentations to the List of Favorites in Slide Finder. After that, you can quickly locate the slide(s) in question to copy to your new presentation.

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