Different writing styles for the hiragana "ki" and "sa"?

Question of the Week Vol. 42


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This week's question is "I saw a different writing style for the hiragana "ki (き)" and "sa (さ)". Are they both correct?"

Yes, they are both correct. It is just different style of writing. Please see the writing on the left and compare them.

Computer fonts are usually the style on the top. Here is a hiragana chart using computer fonts. Click here for my "Hiragana Chart" which includes another style of writing. 

When handwriting, people tend to write with the style on the bottom. At calligraphy class, teachers usually teach this style as well. However, it is just personal preference and you can use whichever is easier for you. 

There are also slightly different styles for the hiragana "fu (ふ)", "so (そ)" and "yu (ゆ)".

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