Examples of Diffusion

10 Diffusion Examples

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Diffusion is the movement of atoms, ions, or molecules from an area of higher concentration to one of lower concentration. The transport of matter continues until equilibrium is reached and there is a uniform concentration through the material.

Examples of Diffusion

  1. Perfume is sprayed in one part of a room, yet soon it diffuses so that you can smell it everywhere.
  2. A drop of food coloring diffuses throughout the water in a glass so that, eventually, the entire glass will be colored.
  3. When steeping a cup of tea, molecules from the tea cross from the tea bag and diffuse throughout the cup of water.
  4. When shaking salt into water, the salt dissolves and the ions move until they are evenly distributed.
  5. After lighting a cigarette, the smoke spreads to all parts of a room.
  6. After placing a drop of food coloring onto a square of gelatin, the color will spread to a lighter color throughout the block.
  7. Carbon dioxide bubbles diffuse from an open soda, leaving it flat.
  8. If you place a wilted celery stick in water, water will diffuse into the plant, making it firm again.
  9. Water diffuses into cooking noodles, making them bigger and softer.
  10. A helium balloon deflates a little bit every day as helium diffuses through the balloon into the air.
  11. If you place a sugar cube in water, the sugar will dissolve and evenly sweeten the water without having to stir it.


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