Dinosaur Crafts

A Collection of Fun, Dinosaur-Themed Crafts and Projects

Have you ever wanted to create your own dinosaur mask? Or put together a diorama to house your favorite dinosaur figurines? Here's a collection of dinosaur-themed crafts and projects suitable for beginners and experts alike.

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Make Your Own Dinosaur Mask

What can be more fun than printing out, and coloring, your very own dinosaur mask?

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How to Draw Different Dinosaurs

Shawn Encarnacion, a contributor to About.com drawing and sketching, offers these handy step-by-step instructions for drawing various dinosaurs. After your kid peruses these pages, don't be surprised if she churns out accomplished-looking pictures of Allosaurus, Apatosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and T. Rex.

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How to Make an Origami Dinosaur

origami dinosaur
Origami dinosaur. Gretchen Siegchrist

In this video, Gretchen Siegchrist, of About.com's parenting channel, shows you how to make a simple origami dinosaur from a single piece of folding paper. After she gets the hang of it, your child may be so entranced by the wonders of origami that she creates an entire pack of these adorable little theropods.

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Color In Your Favorite Dinosaur

spinosaurus coloring page
Spinosaurus coloring page. Ann Logsdon

There's nothing like a black-and-white dinosaur picture and a box of crayons to fire up a kid's imagination. Ann Logsdon, About.com's guide to learning disabilities, provides an excellent selection of dinosaur coloring pages, ranging from the old, familiar T. Rex and Stegosaurus to the relatively rare Coelurus and Gallimimus.

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How to Create a Dinosaur Diorama

If you're like the average dinosaur enthusiast, you own dozens of scale-model figurines--and don't have anywhere comparably realistic in which to display them. Lesley Shepherd, About.com's guide to miniatures, shows you how to create an all-purpose diorama box, as well as a breakaway box, to house your precious dinosaurs. As an added bonus, decorate your dinosaur diorama with miniature palm trees.

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Throw a Dinosaur-Themed Party

No kid can resist a dinosaur birthday party, complete with dinosaur-themed plates, utensils, party favors and, of course, a big T. Rex cake. Donna Pilato, About.com's guide to entertaining, shows you how to put together a dinosaur-themed extravaganza that will have your neighborhood buzzing for the next ten million years.

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How to Cross-Stitch a Dinosaur

Granted, very few kids these days know the art of cross-stitching--but that doesn't mean grandma can't contribute to the dinosaur fun. Connie G. Barwick, About.com's guide to cross-stitch, has three cute dinosaur cross-stitch patterns on her site, including a T. Rex, a small theropod, and an all-purpose Iguanodon.

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Create Your Own Dinosaur Fossils

Very few kids get the opportunity to go out in the field and discover a genuine, 100-million-year old dinosaur fossil. That's why you should be grateful to Sherri Osborn, About.com's guide to family crafts, who teaches readers how to create their own dinosaur fossils out of flour, coffee grounds, salt and sand.

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Print Out Fun Dinosaur Activity Pages

Ranging from a dinosaur crossword puzzle to a dinosaur alphabetizing list, Beverley Hernandez, About.com's guide to homeschooling, offers young readers literally hours of dinosaur-themed printable activities. Not only will your kids enjoy printing out and filling in these pages, but they'll learn a lot about dinosaurs in the process.

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How to Write in a Dinosaur Font

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to write a dinosaur book report in an actual dinosaur font? Jacci Howard Bear, About.com's guide to desktop publishing, kindly links you to a bunch of free dinosaur fonts, ranging from dinosaur-shaped wingdings to "dinglets," in which each letter and number is accompanied by a dinosaur illustration.