Direction - Basic Elements of Design

What is Direction in Design:

Direction in design provides mood and atmosphere. Direction gives the illusion of movement within a design. There are three basic directions in design:

  • horizontal
  • vertical
  • diagonal

Use of Direction in Design:

In Web design, direction is most often portrayed by the images on the page. But you can impose direction through the placement of elements on the page, and with lines especially when they have arrow heads on them.

How to Include Direction in Web Designs:

Incorporate direction in your Web designs in the following ways:

  • Look at your images to determine what direction the subjects are facing. If the people in the picture are looking to the right, then you should place the image on the left side of the page. Otherwise the direction of the eyes in the photo will direct your readers' eyes away from the page.
  • Use your layout to suggest direction. Position dense elements, like photos, in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines. While less dense elements, like text, surround them.
  • Use lines, either images or HR tags, to suggest movement and direction.