Dis donc

French expressions analyzed and explained

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Expression: Dis donc
Pronunciation: [dee do(n)(k)]
Meaning: wow, goodness, hey; by the way, well, listen
Literal translation: say then
Register: normal, informal
Notes: The French expression dis donc has several possible English translations. Generally speaking, dis donc is used either to express surprise or to draw attention to what you are about to say.
Dis donc is the tu form of this expression; the plural / formal vous form is dites donc.*


   Dis donc, ce tableau est extraordinaire.
Wow, this painting is extraordinary.
Il a gagné combien ? Ben dis donc !
He earned how much? Goodness!
Eh, dis donc ! Tu ne peux pas me parler ainsi !
Hey! You can't talk to me like that!
Dis donc, je veux te dire une chose.
Listen, I want to tell you something.
Dites donc, j'ai vu vos parents hier soir.
By the way, I saw your parents last night.

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