5 Disadvantages of Bad Time Management

Poor planning can lead to more than you might think

Stressed student
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Poor planning and bad time management are often part of the learning experience for many new students in college. For others, however, poor planning becomes a habit. The consequences of putting that paper off, not turning in your work on time, and missing key deadlines, however, can be much more of a problem than you might initially think.

Things May Get Expensive

If you miss housing deadlines, incur late registration fees, or apply too late to get priority when your school is allocating financial aid, things can quickly become even more expensive than normal. Having good time management skills can help you avoid costly mistakes later.

Things Can Become Harder Logistically

If you think studying for your Spanish final is a pain in the brain, wait until you see what happens if you don't pass it/sleep through it/generally don't plan for it.

You May Miss out on Opportunities Because You're Too Late

That amazing study abroad program, Spring Break trip, and summer internship all have deadlines for a reason. If you apply too late or don't have everything you need ready in time, you'll miss out on what could have been the experience of a lifetime.

You May Miss out on Opportunities Because People Notice Your Pattern of Lateness and Disorganization

People who you think don't notice your frequent lack of planning and lateness may, in fact, notice more than you realize. When your favorite professor is trying to think of students for an awesome summer research gig, you might get passed over because she knows you won't have your stuff together when needed. Keeping your schedule balanced and your time managed may open doors you don't even realize are there.

You Will Always Feel Behind

Not sure if you have poor planning skills? Ask yourself to remember the last time you felt ahead of the game. If it wasn't recently, chances are you're constantly feeling behind—because you are. Bad time management skills mean you are always playing catch-up and experiencing stress. And with all that's going on in your college life, why add more stress to the mix?