Disappearing Vehicles

Mike is completely puzzled by a vehicle following his car and gaining on him suddenly vanishes

I came across this site last night as I had a strange encounter or experience, that day being the 5th of January, 2012. This story relates to disappearing cars, as weird as it seems, but I feel compelled to share it, even though it sounds ridiculous even to me as I write this. But maybe someone else has had a similar experience.

This first incident was not the main focus of what I wanted to share, but appears to be related. Just before midday on the January 5, I was driving to see a friend in Clayton, Victoria, Australia. Along the course of the journey, I was behind a car of the same kind of make to mine, although a bit different. Through traffic negotiation, I ended up in front of this vehicle and it continued at a distance behind me in the same lane. (Far left of a three-lane road.)

Traffic wasn't overly heavy, but a lot of cars and trucks scattered on the road. I followed the road left at the end of the Westall road extension into Princess highway and checked my mirrors expecting to see this car come around the bend behind me, but it hadn't... and didn't. This struck me as odd, but I quickly forgot about it as maybe the vehicle had changed lanes and turned right. Finished. No big deal, but nonetheless strange.

Now here is the bit that I wanted to share originally. Later that same night, I stopped at a local pizza shop just before midnight to grab a small pizza to take away. Traveling back home along Nepean Highway, there were no other vehicles on the road in either direction. I had my cruise set on 60 and it is an easy straight run.

As I came up to the Chelsea shops along the road, I noticed in my rear and rhs mirror a vehicle slowly catching up to me, but still at a distance. I thought it odd that he would be slightly speeding, especially through the shopping strip as it has lit up road signs indicating 60 kph which change to 40 during the day. (We have a very low speed tolerance of 3 kph over the limit, and you cop a fine if caught.)

I could make out from the street lights that it was a four-wheel drive and towing a trailer. By the time we had reached the end of the shopping strip, the traffic lights at the intersection still remained green. At this point, as we passed through the intersection I was expecting the vehicle to be passing me, but glancing in my right-hand side mirror I couldn't see the vehicle and thought it was in a blind spot, so I looked over my shoulder and couldn't see it at all.

Now, one might think he turned right at the intersection, but at his speed being 60ish or more, I don't think he would be able to turn this 90-degree corner in such a vehicle and towing a trailer, and he had just begun to gain on my right-hand side by this time.

I couldn't comprehend what had just happened. One minute the vehicle has gained on me and the next gone!

When I say "minute", really we are talking seconds. I didn't turn the car around, although I thought about it because I wanted to get home and eat the pizza, which was still hot.

Writing this almost 18 hours later, I tend to think maybe there is logic behind it, but two instances in one day.... That's why I did a Google search and came across this site. I am open to paranormal phenomena, but don't make stuff up for the sake of it, let alone write about it. The only thing in common was that I was focused on both these vehicles, one similar to mine during the day and the late night incident being the only car on the road gaining on me.

Could I have disappeared these in my mind, or is there simple logic behind it all and just coincidence?

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