Dislocated and Laid Off Worker Program

Federal Benefit Program

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Program Description
The federal Dislocated Worker Program, administered by the US Department of Labor, helps individuals who have been laid off or terminated, or who are scheduled to be laid off and need assistance in finding or qualifying for a new job.

General Eligibility Requirements
To qualify for assistance through the federal Dislocated Worker Program, individuals must be unemployed or about to become unemployed.
In addition, one of the following must apply:
  • The applicant's unemployment must be due to general declining economic conditions.
  • Current economic and job market conditions must make it unlikely that the applicant will be unable to return to their previous occupation or industry.
  • The applicant lost their job because their former employer shifted production to or began importing goods the applicant previously made from Canada or Mexico.
Benefits Provided
Assistance provided through the federal Dislocated Worker Program include help with unemployment compensation issues, health insurance continuation, job skills upgrading and training resources, job searching and more.

How to Apply
Applications for services provided through the federal Dislocated Worker Program should be made through the various State Dislocated Worker Units.

Applicants may also call toll-free 877-872-5627 for information regarding services and access points in your state or local area.