ThoughtCo's Diversity Pledge

Dear Readers,

ThoughtCo strives to provide all readers with resources for lifelong learning, but the power of education is limited by the understanding, perspective, and experience of those who teach, write, and research. 

Over the years, ThoughtCo has published thousands of articles on topics ranging from art to zoology. While we have sought out qualified writers from diverse backgrounds for some topics, broad swaths of content have not benefited from multiple perspectives. The result is scholarship that is neither as representative nor as rigorous as our audience deserves. 

It is past time for this to change. Today, we commit to the following: 

Diversify Our Contributors

We commit to hiring writers, editors, and scholars with diverse backgrounds, including those with a deep understanding of the Black American experience. Specifically, we are seeking BIPOC writers and editors with a background in one or more of these areas:

  • Race Relations
  • Civil Rights
  • American History and Culture
  • Economy
  • Government
  • Sociology

Eliminate Bias

By September 30, 2020, we will assess the top 500 articles across our History, Social Science, Government, and Issues content. We will work closely with subject-matter experts to identify misconceptions, missing opportunities, and relevant information, and we will remediate our content and illustrations for issues of representation, implicit, and explicit bias. 

Expand Our Library

By September 30, we will assess our existing content and identify topic areas where we can facilitate respectful conversations around race, including: education, literature, history, and classroom resources. We will write new content and add to existing articles in these topic areas; we commit to including expert and primary sources from diverse perspectives and communities. 

We know we won’t do this perfectly, and we thank you for holding us accountable. If you are interested in assisting us, we invite you to apply for a role. Or, simply email us to let us know about an issue you’ve identified. 


The ThoughtCo Team