Do Carpenter Bees Sting?

Why You Shouldn't Worry About Carpenter Bees

Do carpenter bees sting?
Carpenter bees can be aggressive. Do they sting?. Getty Images/Moment Open/Brian E. Kushner

Carpenter bees can be aggressive, and nobody likes getting stung by a bee. But before you reach for the can of Raid, you should know that it's very unlikely you'll be stung by a carpenter bee.

Male carpenter bees, which are the ones with all the bluster, do not sting at all. Males don't even have a sting (or stinger, as most people tend to call it), so try as they might, they can't hurt you. All the male carpenter bee can do is bump into you.

Female carpenter bees do have a sting and are capable of stinging you. The female will defend herself if she feels threatened, but honestly, she's not threatened that easily. If you're swatting at her with a newspaper or waving your hands frantically to scare her off, then yes, you might get stung. But stay calm and leave her be, and she'll do the same.

And remember, carpenter bees are beneficial pollinators that do more good than harm. They do occasionally nest in places we don't want them to live, like decks or porches, so control measures may sometimes be warranted.