Do I have ESP?

Question: Do I have ESP?

"I think I have ESP," writes Ava. "Things pop into my head and something that has to do with it shows up later. For example the word 'gloves' popped into my head and just a couple seconds later my aunt said she needed gloves. Many times I jinx myself. Every time I tell people about my ESP, it goes away for a bit. I can always sense when I'm getting a text message as well.

"I have also seen a ghost walking down the steps of my home during the evening.

She just looked over my way a few times and peacefully kept walking down the steps. Do you have any advice or tips for me?"


Ava, I think most people have experienced the effect of thinking about something, such as a specific word, and then hearing or reading that word a short time later. This can probably be chalked up to coincidence or the laws of probability.

However, if this phenomenon happens very frequently, a case could be made for your having extrasensory perception (ESP). You should try to document in a journal or diary each time this happens to you so you can have a good indication of how frequently it actually does occur. As far as controlling it, most people who feel they have genuine ESP or psychic abilities will say that they have very little control over it, if any. Rather, it happens when it happens; that seems to be the nature of it.

There might be something to your observation of being "jixed," too.

People who practice remote viewing, which is a kind of controlled or directed psychic ability, say that thinking or concentrating on their subject or target is counterproductive; that is, is works against successful receipt of information. Instead, when they clear their minds or otherwise direct their minds away from the target that success tends to come.

So your thinking about or talking about your experience might make it go away temporarily. It's when you're not thinking about it that it works.

Of course, how psychic abilities really work is still quite mysterious to all those who experience it and study it, and there seem to be no hard-and-fast rules about any of it or any hard science that can predict how an when it works. That's why most mainstream scientists have such a hard time accepting it: because it's not reliably repeatable, like a chemical reaction.

Is your sighting of the ghost connected? Possibly. However it works, your mind is perhaps receptive to these invisible worlds.

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