Do you believe that good ghosts exist?

Photo: lamadiluce / Getty Images

Question: Do you believe that good ghosts exist?

"Everything I read seems to be about bad ghosts," says Betty. "I have only had good or sometimes strange experiences, but not scary. Every once in while I will see apparitions or something move out of the corner of my eye. Some nights I wake up with a lot of light moving around me just zipping back and forth. One night it was very, very busy and I thought what is going on.

Sometimes it seems to play peek-a-boo with me in the hallway. Once I thought I saw a form of a person in the hall with what appeared to be a cloak either black or blue with white circles on it."

Answer: Most ghost and haunting activity is completely harmless. So I guess you could say they are good as opposed to bad or evil. The reason you read or see on TV stories about "bad" ghosts is because those are the stories that get the most attention. People want to see the scary stuff, and publishers and TV producers know that.

The truth is that harmful or "evil" spirit activity is very rare. Most haunting activity consists of unexplained noises, scents, sensations, fleeting shadows... sometimes things get moved and voices are heard... and rarely an apparition is seen. And they're harmless, although they may frighten people because they don't expect them or understand them.

So in the vast majority of haunting cases, there really isn't anything to be afraid of.

Our own fear and lack of understanding is the problem.