Do You Feel Lucky? Jupiter Fast Facts

  • Jupiter is the planet of luck, but we have to be prepared for those moments when the doors of opportunity open.
  • The god Jupiter was often depicted in the center of the Zodiac in ancient Greece and Rome, as the wise sage that’s a guide to a universal order.
  • Jupiter rules all the areas in which an overarching meaning is sought; these include religion, publishing, philosophy and the legal profession.
  • Jupiter guides us to a mission greater than ourselves; its sign and house position are clues to following that path.
    • Jupiter shows our capacity to think big, while Saturn’s influence is to keep them within the bounds of reality.
    • Jupiter’s role is to expand, while Saturn’s role is to limit; the two are often discussed together, since both are important for sustained, focused growth.
    • When there’s too much Jupiter, the faith in the Self is overblown, and there’s a tendency toward grandiosity, indolence, and procrastination.
    • When Saturn is overplayed, the optimism of Jupiter can be crowded out, and the limits can become narrow confines.
    • Jupiter’s moniker in traditional astrology is as the “Greater Benefic,” being a planet that draws us toward growth and good fortune.
    • Jupiter rules Sagittarius (and Pisces), and the 9th house of higher learning, travel and the quest for meaning.
    • In medical astrology, Jupiter is associated with the liver, circulation of the blood, and problems from overindulging.
    • Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, which guides the search for a higher call toward the values of compassion and nurturing.
      • Jupiter is associated with divination and astrology; its signs have a way of reminding us that the universe drops us hints about what we’re meant to do
      • Jupiter’s themes keep coming back, and have a strong resonance, since these are messages meant to inspire.
      • When we heed Jupiter’s call, it buoys the spirit, and cultivates a sense of optimism.
      • Jupiter opens doors and brings allies, if we have eyes to see them.
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