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What 'Doctor Who' Is About:


The Doctor -- the last of the Time Lords -- travels through space and time, using ingenuity to foil the forces of destruction and domination. Normally he travels with a companion, who helps keep him grounded. The Doctor is over 900 years old and is able to survive death by regenerating into a new body; his ship, the TARDIS, is bigger on the inside than the outside and, though it should be able to change its outward appearance, is stuck in the form of a blue police telephone box from the mid-20th century.

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Status of 'Doctor Who':

Doctor Who is currently in production. It airs on BBC1, BBC America. Premiered: Mar 3, 2006. For current showtimes see Show Listings.
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The current incarnation of Doctor Who, launched in 2005, is a resumption of the original series that ran from 1963 to 1990. During the original series, seven actors, starting with William Hartnell, played the Doctor; an Eighth Doctor appeared in a 1996 TV movie. When the show was relaunched in 2005, continuity was maintained; Christopher Eccleston became the Ninth Doctor.

David Tennant took over as the Tenth Doctor in 2006, and Matt Smith as the Eleventh in 2010.
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Key 'Doctor Who' Characters:

The Doctor is always a larger than life character, often seeming quirky or even mad to confuse and distract his adversaries; at the same time he reveals to us his loneliness as an ancient wanderer and his undying fury at injustice. This combination and his commitment to nonviolence makes each Doctor, as interpreted by the actor playing him to varying degrees of excess, a powerfully magnetic individual; this has been particularly true for the popular Tenth Doctor.
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Flavor of 'Doctor Who':

Doctor Who, in contrast to a some science-fiction fare, is built around the idea that the hero solves crises through engagement, not violence. The Doctor's quirky personality and alien behavior are part of his toolkit, but for all his outlandishness he takes his responsibility to protect the innocent extremely seriously. While the Doctor's dynamic with his companion can seem romantic, the Doctor keeps himself aloof from emotions of this sort.
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