How Does Hosting Affect the Page Load Speed?

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The world seems to have grown into a space where everyone wants everything instantly. No one would want to spend their time waiting for a website to spin and load at its own pace. The speed of website loading matters a lot! Web pages that load quickly perform well on all fronts: more engagement, higher conversion, and user experience. Most importantly, Google has also added page load speed to its ranking algorithms and ever since this criterion has turned out to be the buzzword in the world of SEO. 

Though this Google algorithm has been around for almost half a decade now, even now there’s a lot of incomplete or inaccurate advice related to page speed. However, many experts believe that web hosting is one of the most ignored aspects related to page load speed.

Impact in the Real World

The real-world advantages of enhancing the page load speed are often overstated, but there are some benefits of speeding up the loading of your web pages. 


The impact that this aspect of page load speed has on users is probably much more when compared to its Google ranking impact. Several types of research have documented the effects on user experience and this has shown that slow page load speeds lead to reduced rates of conversion, especially in the case of e-commerce sites. The enhancement in the rate of conversion may be very crucial for big e-retailers, but sites with less traffic might experience negligible to very small monetary benefits. 


The page load speed of your website may affect your Google rankings to a great extent as it’s a part of the search engine giant, Google's recent ranking algorithm update. However, it’s not very clearly defined as to what extent this factor is considered as a ranking criterion in search engine optimization.

What Makes Website Hosting a Vital Factor?

When a user browses through a site and tries to load a page, he/she is necessarily running programs and accessing files from the webserver (a remote computer). If that web server is fast enough, the web page that you are trying to access will also load quickly. The three main tasks that the remote computer has to finish are: execute code, run database queries and server files. 

Elements in Hosting Packages That Have an Impact on Speed

How would you choose a hosting package that can help in enhancing the page load speed of your site? The factors that contribute to a fast hosting package are the same as the ones that make your computer work faster. 

  • Fast Hard Drive: When compared to a standard hard disc, a solid-state drive is capable of faster file loading, thus leading to quicker performance.
  • Dedicated Resources: This is a very important factor to consider when selecting a hosting package as it can prevent the other sites from consuming your site’s resources like memory and processor. So, opting for a dedicated server or VPS rather than selecting a shared plan, can have a big impact on the load speed. 
  • Local Resources: Keeping your resources on the webserver directly can enhance performance as against having them on another server with shared hosting. 
  • More Resources: More memory and processing power implies that your server can perform the execution of requests quicker. A dedicated server will offer considerably more resources. 

Faster Hosting Enhances Page Load Speed

Upgrading your hosting plan can have a considerably positive impact on your website’s page load speed, particularly for resource-intensive sites. Though, the impact may be smaller if your site is less resource-intensive or is already on a comparatively fast hosting. Upgrading your hosting package can also lead to considerable speed enhancement if your site is loading slowly because of several users browsing the site at the same time.

If you are trying to optimize your website to enhance page load speed, code optimization isn’t the only solution. Do remember to cross-check if your hosting package needs an upgrade to further enhance performance. 

Using a CDN (Content Distribution Network) service can also be of great help in speeding up e-commerce portals, and websites that have rich graphics, and heavy images, which otherwise drastically hamper the performance and load times.

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