Does "Il Me Semble Que" Need the Subjunctive?

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The French expression Il me (te, lui...) semble means "it seems to me (you, him...) that," and it may require the subjunctive, depending on whether it is used affirmatively, negatively or interrogatively. When used affirmatively, il me semble que does not require the subjunctive.


  • Il me semble qu'il le fait.
    It seems to me that he does it.

But when expressing doubt or uncertainty, il me semble requires the subjunctive.


  • Il ne nous semble pas qu'il le fasse.
    It doesn't seem to us that he does it.
  • Te semble-t-il qu'il le fasse ?
    Does it seem to you that he does it?

See the il semble entry for information on using the subjunctive with the verb sembler.