Doppelgangers - True Stories

Is there another person out there who looks exactly like you? Or maybe there are doubles of people you know and love -- seemingly exact replicas. How is it possible? Check out these true stories.

Dad's Doppelganger

A guy sees his dad's doppelganger -- and his car.

Dad's Doppelganger

A girl sees an impossible double of her father in her own house.

Doppleganger at Albertson's

This gal sees a girl she used to work with at Albertson's; turns out it was just a doppelganger.

Doppelganger Colleague

Andrew thinks he saw his colleague walk into work, but he really shows up later.

Doppelganger Fooled Mom

In Boise, Idaho, Avalon says a lot of people seem to know her doppelganger -- she even fooled her own mother.

Doppelganger in the Bookstore

Sophie hears and sees her doppelganger buying a book -- for her, apparently.

Doppelganger in the Woods

Neil says he saw himself walking alongside his self in June or July of 1991.

Doppelganger Mystery

Jay knows he has a doppelganger because people greet him thinking he is someone else.

Doppelganger of Death

A mother sees her daughter's doppelganger drowning in the ocean.

Doppelganger or Future Vision?

A girl is confronted and blamed for things she didn't do!

Doppelganger Time Warp

A game on hide-and-seek turns very strange indeed.

Doppelganger Took My Call

A young man's doppelganger takes a telephone call for him.

Doppelganger Wanted Money

The author says her mother was asked for a dollar by a doppelganger.

Doppelganger with Evil Eyes

A waitress tells Veretta that she's met her twin sister, but Veretta doesn't have a twin sister.

Doppelganger, Double Sighting

Mica sees his friend and his friend's double at the same time!

Doppelganger, Future Me?

Katie talks to a coach driver who may have encountered a future version of her.

Doppelganger or Imaginary Friend?

"He then told me that every time he tries to sleep, L_____ wakes him up...."

Doppelganger Saves Platoon

"His unit or platoon was walking one day and when they came upon a depression. He saw a vision of himself waving and shouting at him...."

Doppelganger Wreaks Havoc

"What really happened that day? I believe it's the biggest doppelgänger story I've ever heard and witnessed. And the thought of what John might've seen when he looked down and saw his only child, smiling happily (or evilly) up at him, gives me the chills...!"

Freaky Doppelganger Experience

Friends say they saw Steven's doppelganger in a bar.

Fred's Doppelganger

Lisa knew Fred well -- she almost married him. She later saw him, but it wasn't him.

Ghost or Doppelganger?

A babysitter gets direction from a doppelganger.

Girlfriend's Doppelganger

In New Zealand, Dianne sees her friend in her doorway before she actually arrives.

Grandfather Doppelganger

Chris sees his grandfather's doppelganger while trout fishing.

Grandma's Doppelganger

In 1979, Dixie sees her doppelganger on the street, and others see her around town.

High School Doppelganger

Michua has to defend herself because of her doppelganger's actions.

Hubby's Doppleganger

At a bar, Lauri's husband goes to the men's room, she sees him come back out... but he didn't really.

Husband's Bilocation

This woman saw her husband walk up the sidewalk to their home... but it wasn't really him.


This doppelganger story ties into the Black-Eyed People.

In Bed with a Doppelganger

Leslie sees her boyfriend in bed next to her, but he wasn't really there.

Lab Doppelganger

Two lab workers swear they saw their co-worker, but she wasn't really there.

Lost Twin or Doppelganger?

Joe passes his exact twin on the street.

My Doppelganger

A friend sees Morgan's doppelganger wandering around at night.

My Strange Doppelganger

Cynthia's little sister saw her doppelganger waving and smiling.

Parents Saw My Doppelganger

"I told them I know I look like someone named Roxy, and they told me I absolutely do and she has to be my twin...."

Roommate's Doppelganger

This girl thinks her roommate's doppelganger is some kind of evil twin from another dimension.

Sister's Doppelganger

Rhonda's playtime with a friend is interrupted by her sister's doppelganger.

Sister's Double

Helen has multiple sightings of a person who looks exactly like her dead sister.

Time Warp at Woodside

"I'd somehow traveled back 15 minutes and was now watching myself. I waited for the other me to enter the forest before leaving where I was, as I didn't want to somehow disturb time and space by meeting myself, and warning myself that strange things were about to happen...."

Two Doppelganger Tales

"In this case, at least it would appear that the doppelganger/lookalike was a real person who simply looked like me, and not some kind of impersonator, as some stories imply...."

Two Sightings of Daughter's Doppelganger

"Around November, 2008, I witnessed what could best be described as a doppelganger of my 17-year-old daughter...."

Working Doppelganger

Nichole sees her own doppelganger in school.