Doris Lin

Doris Lin is an animal rights attorney, the Director of Legal Affairs for the Animal Protection League of New Jersey and a member of the steering committee of the League of Humane Voters of New Jersey.


Doris has worked for a variety of animal protection groups, including Animal Protection League of NJ (f.k.a. NJ Animal Rights Alliance), The Bear Education And Resource Group, the Animal Protection PAC, The Humane Society of the US, and the Animal Welfare Institute. She has also founded two student animal rights groups, and served on the Board of the Boston Vegetarian Society.

As an attorney, she represented NJARA and the BEAR Group in a lawsuit against the state of NJ, successfully invalidating the state's bear hunt plan in 2007. She is also a former chair of the NJ State Bar Association's Animal Law Committee, and is the author of "Bear Hunt Controversy Shines the Spotlight on New Jersey's Wildlife Law," published in New Jersey Lawyer Magazine.

She has also worked for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Doris has been an animal rights activist for over 30 years, vegetarian for nearly as long, and vegan for over 25 years. She shares a home with three humans, two rabbits and three guinea pigs, and is a life member of the House Rabbit Society.


Doris holds a B.S. in Applied Biological Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a J.D. from the University of Southern California Law Center.

Doris Lin

Society is evolving to recognize that animals are sentient and deserve to be treated as more than just property. We have the power to create a better world in which animals will be guaranteed certain rights. In the meantime, everyone can do their part by speaking out for animals and making choices that do not support animal cruelty.

"The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?" – Jeremy Bentham

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