Cigars Tips - Do's and Don'ts For Cigar Connoisseurs

Here is a list of Cigar Do's and Don'ts, a handy list of cigar tips for the aspiring cigar connoisseur. If there is a cigar tip that you think should be on the list, let us know by posting it in our cigar forum for the whole world to see.

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Don't Inhale the Smoke When Puffing a Cigar.

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We want you to live for a long time!

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Do Age Your Cigars.

After purchasing boxes or bundles of cigars, remove the cellophane and all ‚Äčthe¬†other packaging, then place the cigars in a properly maintained humidor for at least a few months before smoking. Single sticks stored in a humidor at your local tobacconist may be aged enough to smoke immediately.

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Don't Put a Partially Smoked Cigar Back Into Your Humidor.

Use a cigar savor or just toss the cigar.

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Do Select an Appropriate Drink to Accompany Your Cigar.

Select a drink that will not be overpowered by the flavor of your cigar.

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Don't Bite the Cap Off the Head of a Premium Handmade Cigar.

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Do Use a Butane Lighter to Light Your Cigars (Compare Prices).

You can also use a wooden match, but before lighting your cigar, let the sulfur burn off after striking the match.

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Don't Snuff Out Your Cigar When Finished.

Leave your cigar in the ashtray and it will extinguish itself automatically, avoiding that foul odor.

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Do Sample Many Types of Different Cigars.

Try various kinds cigars at below market prices by purchasing cigar sampler packs on sale and online.

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Don't Store Cigars In a Refrigerator.

It will remove the moisture from the cigars, drying them out.